Kitchie Laurico – Who is Kitchie and How Did She Die?


Kitchie was a Filipino-American personal assistant and marketing manager who had served Floyd Mayweather for more than ten years, showing an avid interest in fashion as well as traveling the globe, sharing photos from these adventures on social media.

All who knew her deeply are mourning her passing, while her family have requested privacy at this difficult time.

She was a personal assistant to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Marikit Laurico, affectionately referred to by friends and colleagues as Kitchie, was the beloved personal assistant for boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. She was known for her unwavering dedication and always went the extra mile for Mayweather’s needs to be fulfilled. Kitchie passed away suddenly last night, surprising both fans and coworkers alike and will surely be missed dearly.

Death came in the form of a car accident that occurred while she was travelling to pick up Floyd Mayweather from the airport, which resulted in both of their deaths. Although those responsible have yet to be identified, sources believe the crash may have been caused by reckless driving.

Mayweather has not addressed the incident directly but has instead focused on other business ventures and amateur spectacles, including an exchange with YouTube star Jake Paul at a Miami Heat-Cavaliers game this month, which reignited speculation about a possible rematch against UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

While it remains unknown exactly what led to Kitchie’s demise, there have been various speculations surrounding her passing. Some reports indicate she may have suffered a heart attack while others suggest she may have died in a car accident.

No matter its cause, losing this beloved woman is a profound blow for her loved ones and colleagues. Her dedication and impact go well beyond boxing rings.

She immigrated from the Philippines at eleven and studied marketing and public relations in college before joining Floyd Mayweather’s team after an unforeseen meeting between them; staying by his side as he made millions through professional fighting and promotional appearances.

Internet has been filled with condolences and tributes to Kitchie, who was an integral part of TMT empire. Her close acquaintances are saddened by her passing, yet eager to remember all the fun times shared together.

Mayweather has not made public remarks regarding his loss; however, he is taking it very hard and has expressed his condolences to her family and is planning a memorial service for her.

She was a social media influencer

Kitchie Laurico’s unexpected passing has sent shockwaves through those she was closest to, many taking to social media platforms such as Facebook to express their condolences and share memories. Many have spoken fondly of Kitchie as an individual who dedicated her services as an assistant as well as someone who touched many lives – she will certainly be greatly missed by both friends and family members alike.

Kitchie was born in the Philippines and moved to the US as a young girl, studying marketing and public relations in college and constantly striving to meet her goals. Soon enough, her dedication paid off: soon she was hired as Floyd Mayweather’s personal assistant on TMT team; in turn helping build his brand; additionally she became well-known social media influencer with over 144,000 followers on Instagram; often traveling and showing off glamorous lifestyle.

Kitchie’s death remains unknown; however, reports indicate she suffered a heart attack or car accident as the source. No matter its cause, Kitchie’s tragic passing will live on for many years to come.

Kitchie was also an active activist who promoted various environmental and mental health causes via her social media platforms, using them to raise awareness and funds for these causes. She showed genuine concern for others as well as our planet; inspiring many others to join her in making a difference.

She was an integral member of Mayweather’s life and will be greatly missed by family, colleagues and fans. Her sudden passing has come as a shock, yet her memory will live on for years to come.

Mayweather wept as she paid her respects to Kitchie, and pledged to carry on her work at TMT business. Additionally, Mayweather promised to donate $100,000 to an honorific foundation named in Kitchie’s memory that will aid children living with cancer and named in her honor.

She was a contestant on Season 6 of XVoice

Kitchie Laurico was more than a personal assistant to Floyd Mayweather; she was an invaluable friend and family member. Her hard work and dedication to her career made her standout in the business world; furthermore, her unique style will continue to live on in those who knew her.

Kitchie’s sudden and tragic death has shocked and saddened many. Her loved ones have taken to social media to express their condolences, recalling how wonderful and dedicated she was as someone they knew personally; many said Kitchie will be missed by everyone and that we have lost an extraordinary person from our world.

Kitchie died due to a car accident on March 28, 2023 in Las Vegas. While on her way to pick up Floyd Mayweather at the airport, her vehicle collided with a passenger shuttle. Tragically, Kitchie perished as a result while both Andrei Sison and Josh Ford survived the collision.

Although her cause of death remains officially undetermined, some reports indicate she may have experienced a heart attack. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ascertain the exact reason behind her demise since no official autopsy report has been conducted.

News of her death sent shockwaves through fans and friends following her on Instagram, where she amassed an impressive following of over 144,000 users and often posted images and videos from her glamorous lifestyle. She quickly gained popularity due to her impeccable fashion sense and beautiful smile – quickly becoming one of Instagram’s top influencers.

She competed on Season 6 of XVoice and was mentored by JayDK, Xboy, and Danger. She competed in Blind Auditions before being eliminated on Episode 604 due to failing the Blind Audition Tests.

Her charismatic personality made her a fan favorite and had an immense effect on the other competitors as well. She was known for being extremely kind and generous while always maintaining an optimistic attitude; many will miss her dearly and she serves as a great role model to all of us – may she rest in peace.

She died in an automobile accident

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of worldwide deaths, yet they can often be avoided. Raising awareness and enforcing stricter road rules are both powerful means to save more lives; while road safety will protect people from suffering through loss due to such tragic incidents.

Marikit Kitchie Laurico, more affectionately known as “Kitchie,” was an integral member of Floyd Mayweather’s team and an invaluable friend to many. She was hard working but loved fashion and travel; with a positive outlook and earned the respect of both colleagues and her loved ones alike for her tireless service and selfless assistance to others.

Kitchie died tragically in an auto accident on March 28, 2023 while driving to pick up Floyd Mayweather at an airport when her vehicle collided with another car and collided into it, collapsing head-on into one another and colliding head on into Josh Ford who was also riding in it. Both Josh Ford and Kitchie suffered life-altering injuries from this harrowing experience.

Floyd Mayweather was deeply shocked and distraught upon hearing of Kitchie’s passing, which he described as more than simply his employee; rather she was part of his family and had an immense positive influence. Floyd described Kitchie as loving, kind and lovable individual who always made people feel good about themselves.

He expressed his appreciation for their time together and will miss her, while asking fans to join in a moment of silence to keep her spirit alive.

Kitchie’s untimely death came as a great shock to her fans and followers, whom she inspired with her love and loyalty. Though many mourn her untimely passing, her memory will live on eternally; more people should take precautions against distracted driving to prevent further tragedies in future.