BMW’s All-New i5


BMW’s interior boasts an eye-catching aesthetic and feels welcoming when driving around town. Rear seat riders will appreciate how the battery doesn’t intrude on legroom, and BMW’s driver assist suite is excellent – you can initiate lane changes simply by looking in either mirror.


The BMW i5 features some of the latest driver aids, such as hands-free highway driving. This feature works by enabling the driver to change lanes simply by looking at specific sections of the roadway – an effective complement to safety features like forward collision warning and pedestrian detection. Furthermore, its battery charging rate ranks among the best among its class (205kW quickly), though slightly slower than the Lucid Air charge rate, which currently provides fast charging available for EVs.

The BMW i5 takes an innovative approach to design with its frameless curved display, which integrates its 12.3-inch information screen and 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen into one unit. Both screens face toward the driver for an immersive driving experience; their operation is controlled via iDrive using BMW Operating System 8.5’s latest generation; this version provides a cleaner user interface featuring an updated graphics display and QuickSelect access for easier touch control.

Other interior highlights of the i5 include an available complete digital instrument cluster, an advanced automatic parking system that can maneuver it into both perpendicular and parallel spaces, as well as a rearview camera that detects pedestrians on the road. Furthermore, this car boasts an available sliding and tilting panoramic moonroof as well as premium leather seats – its spacious cabin and ample cargo capacity are welcome features in an industry where many plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles often struggle with limited trunk space.

Though its aesthetic may take some getting used to, the BMW i5 remains an attractive car that looks luxurious and high-tech. Additionally, its driving performance makes it a compelling option for any driver searching for an electric sedan with plenty of capability and luxury features.

The i5 offers the same warranty coverage as other BMW models, which includes four years or 50,000 miles of essential protection and more extensive protection for electric vehicle components. Furthermore, BMW provides a three-year complimentary maintenance program, which is an invaluable benefit that could save money over time.


BMW’s all-new i5 marks an innovative step forward, as it marks the first midsize luxury car to offer both an electric drivetrain and sporty handling reminiscent of their legendary 5-Series. No matter whether you opt for the 335 horsepower rear-wheel drive eDrive40 variant or dual motor 590 horsepower M60 model – both offer exciting driving experiences that have long made BMW’s nameplate so beloved.

BMW’s engineering of its electric vehicle, the i5, has produced one of the smoothest driving experiences available today. It’s quiet and refined inside, featuring a soft ride quality that feels controlled rather than jarring and steering effort that’s light but never eager. Furthermore, we found its transition between regenerative braking and traditional brakes to be amongst our best experiences ever.

The BMW i5 boasts an impressive range, too. The 84.3-kWh battery pack can travel 295 miles before needing charging again; home 240-volt charging will get you there in 30 minutes, while fast-charging stations will have you charging in mere minutes.

A brand-new feature in iDrive 8.5 makes use of QR code scanning on phones to access an assortment of off-brand video games while your car is stopped to charge, providing a novel way to pass the time at charging stations and charging stations alike. Up to seven phones can connect simultaneously for this fun gaming feature!

Full-glass Sky Lounge Roofs are now available to provide more open and airy cabins, and you can have your i5 upholstered in leather or Veganza for an eco-friendly alternative. In addition, Bowers & Wilkins surround sound systems can transform its interior into what feels like an auditorium experience – an impressive package indeed; we can’t wait to see what else BMW has in store for its i5 family of vehicles!


The BMW i5 epitomizes modern driving. Both its eDrive40 and eDrive60 versions provide thrilling performance like that found on BMW 5-Series vehicles without producing harmful emissions. Electric motors utilize sophisticated induction systems to maximize power delivery while energy conservation techniques minimize battery use – this combination gives the i5 impressive real-world range and remarkable fuel economy.

The 2024 BMW i5 provides an engaging driving experience. Thanks to its low center of gravity and adaptive suspension systems, city streets or winding roads become manageable without struggle. Meanwhile, its communicative electrically assisted steering resembles hydraulic systems in offering feedback; plus, its noise and vibration isolation features keep passengers comfortable even on long trips.

Maintenance-wise, the BMW i5’s electric motors are quieter and more durable than traditional engines; plus, its lack of an exhaust system reduces routine upkeep costs. Unfortunately, its battery pack adds weight that could hinder its efficiency or handling capabilities.

Like other BMW EVs, the i5 comes equipped with extensive warranty coverage and roadside assistance. New vehicle and powertrain warranties span four years/50,000 miles, while its lithium-ion battery warranty lasts eight years/100,000 miles. BMW’s extensive charging network ensures owners always have plenty of opportunities to top up their batteries when on the go.

BMW has unveiled an interior redesign for its i5 EV that features a minimalist approach, eliminating physical buttons and switchgear. Instead, most functions are controlled through its iDrive 8.5 touchscreen or voice commands; its two-panel display also tilts toward the driver to offer an intuitive experience that keeps drivers focused on driving safely.


Though the BMW i5 is an innovative and capable car, its cost may put off some buyers. An initial outlay of $67,795 for its eDrive40 version or $86,095 for its M60 xDrive variant could be costly in itself – regular maintenance fees and the loss of battery capacity over time only increase that burden further.

The 2024 BMW i5 represents its most mature effort to embrace electric vehicles and be at the forefront of EV innovation, featuring its brand’s electric vehicle drivetrain at its center. Positioned above its predecessor i4 but beneath the i7 electric flagship model – it provides BMW with an ideal choice to compete against such models as the Mercedes EQ-Class and Lucid Air.

Its striking exterior design, including a raised front fascia with triangular air vents and an eye-catching interpretation of BMW’s signature kidney grille, sets it apart from conventional gasoline-powered BMW offerings. Inside is an inviting interior featuring BMW’s latest generation Curved Glass setup with a 12.3-inch instrument display behind the steering wheel that seamlessly merges with a 14.9-inch center console screen. QuickSelect provides quick access to the most frequently used functions, and the Clear Start screen offers clear start screen access as a standard feature.

The BMW i5 is also the first to offer its innovative new feature called Plug & Charge, which removes the need to authenticate with their vehicle via apps or charging cards and instead stores up to five contracts from different providers that feature this technology. Once recognized by the car, charging will proceed seamlessly and faster.

The BMW i5 battery pack boasts an impressive 295-mile range for the eDrive40 model and 256 miles on M60xDrive models, helping reduce the frequency of visits to charging stations. When trips do become necessary, BMW’s 205kW DC fast charging capability enables this car to go from 10 percent set up to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes.