How to Get Paper Money on Cash App


Cash App is a mobile payment service that enables users to send and receive money, pay bills, invest in stocks and Bitcoin, and receive paper money on its platform. This guide will show you how to do all that through Cash App.

First, launch the Cash App and choose Banking as your tab of interest. Next, access Paper Money on the map to locate stores for paper money transactions and then tap Directions or Copy Address once found to get directions for that location.

1. Download the app

Cash App is an acclaimed mobile money service that allows users to transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and invest in stocks and Bitcoin. Available to residents of both the United States and Canada, it allows users to transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, invest in stocks and Bitcoin, and use its Cash App Card feature at ATMs or make purchases. To use the Paper Money option, you first must download and open the app – once this step has been accomplished, follow these steps:

Paper Money can quickly and efficiently add funds to your Cash App account without using a debit card. Available at various merchants like Walgreens and Walmart, the Paper Money option requires only a $1 fee and has a $5 minimum deposit limit – making this method of adding funds fast and painlessly worth considering!

Start by opening the app and choosing its banking tab, followed by “Paper Money.” From here, find a deposit location nearby using “Paper Money.” Present your barcode at that location to present to cashiers for scanning; they’ll add money directly to your Cash App balance!

Paper Money may not appear on your Cash App for various reasons, most commonly using an outdated app version (this feature was recently added, so make sure you’re on the latest). Another possible cause could be account restrictions that prevent access – in such instances, it would be wise to reach out for assistance via Cash App support.

2. Open the app

If the Paper Money option on the Cash App is missing, there could be several reasons for its absence. First, ensure your app is up-to-date by visiting Google Play or the App Store to look for updates; if necessary, apply them. If that does not solve the issue, contact Cash App’s support team directly for help.

Once your app has been updated, you can begin using the Paper Money feature. Navigate to “Banking,” then Paper Money in the menu bar, and the app will show nearby locations where you can deposit paper money. Alternatively, use the search bar or map feature if you are struggling.

Paper Money allows you to reload your Cash App balance at stores such as Walgreens and Dollar General, up to $1,000 every seven days or $4,000 over 30 days. Keep a receipt from where you make deposits so we can credit back any errors in accounting!

Cash App’s Paper Money feature provides an efficient and safe way to deposit checks directly. Plus, its free use makes this an invaluable learning resource!

3. Select the banking tab

Cash App is a well-known mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive funds, with its Paper Money feature enabling users to deposit cash into their Cash App accounts. If you are having difficulty locating this feature in your Cash App account, there may be several solutions: first, updating your app may work; otherwise, reach out to Cash App support, who might help locate Paper Money more quickly.

Paper Money deposits are only available at certain retailers and gas stations. To use it, open the Cash App banking tab, choose Paper Money to see a map with deposit locations near you, and view more details, such as their address and phone number. When ready, drive or walk into any place selected on this list to make deposits – once inside, show the cashier your barcode from Cash App so they can scan it, show a checkmark on the screen when complete, and then view how much was added to your Cash App balance!

The Cash App Paper Money Deposit Feature provides an easy and cost-effective way to add money to your Cash App account at minimal costs and fees, eliminating the burden of carrying around cash and risking losing it. Though this service is free to use, be mindful of fees and limits to stay within them.

4. Select the paper money option

Cash App recently unveiled an exciting feature allowing users to add cash directly at stores like Walmart and Dollar General, saving users the hassle of adding funds through bank accounts or debit cards. If this feature doesn’t appear for you, there may be several reasons for its absence:

Make sure your app is constantly updated. New features may be introduced via updates, so it is wise to do this regularly. Furthermore, paper money may only be available in certain countries or regions – if this option doesn’t appear within your app, please reach out to your local Cash App support team, as there may be restrictions in place.

Your Cash App account may also not support paper money due to being unverified; having such an unconfirmed account limits access to many features in the app, such as the paper money option. To rectify this issue, visit their website and follow their steps for verification of accounts.

Contact their customer support team immediately if you still have difficulty getting the paper money option into your Cash App account. They can assist in helping resolve the problem and explain why it hasn’t appeared for you yet, as well as recommend alternative ways for adding funds, such as using bank accounts or sending from friends statements. With just a little extra work, you could quickly have paper money available within seconds, making this an ideal way of adding funds quickly without incurring fees!

5. Find a reload location

Various methods are available for adding funds to your Cash App account, including sending it from your bank account or debit card or adding it through a friend. But for an even faster way of loading it onto your card, visit stores like Dollar General to reload with paper money instead of electronic transactions. While this might not be as popular, this quick alternative could prove invaluable in times of emergency when your card needs replenishing quickly.

For Paper Money transactions, it is necessary to have an active balance in your Cash App account, go into its banking tab, and select Paper Money as an option. Once selected, this option will provide you with a list of deposit locations nearby, such as Walgreens, 7-Elevens, or Dollar Generals; choose one, and the app will give directions.

Once at a store or retailer, ask the cashier to add funds to your Cash App balance. They’ll scan your barcode and add funds instantly – usually within minutes! As soon as this transaction is complete, save the receipt they gave as proof of payment.

Cash App users can reload their cards at retailers beyond 7-Eleven, including Walmart and CVS. Each location may charge a restock fee that varies based on the site; you can view a list of participating locations via Cash App’s website.