Who Is Tyler Hynes Married To?


Tyler Hynes has appeared in several Hallmark movies, such as It Was Always You and Wedding March 5. While his talent as an actor remains public knowledge, his personal life remains private.

Hynes and his girlfriend live a low-profile lifestyle, so media coverage rarely occurs. They frequently pose for photos together without showing their faces;

He is not married

Tyler Hynes may be best known as one of the stars from Hallmark Channel movies; however, despite this popularity he remains single and childless. Being extremely private person and preferring not to share details about his personal life publicly. Tyler Hynes remains dedicated to his career though and makes sure fans know what projects he’s working on; many fans admire his talent and anticipate new movies released. Despite remaining privately, Tyler remains active on social media by frequently sharing photographs with followers on these channels.

Hynes was born May 6, 1986 in Totonto, Canada. He attended North Dundas High School, St-Francis Xavier Catholic High School and Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary School before leaving Canada for Los Angeles at 21. Betty Robichaud Hynes is his mother while his Caucasian father provides guidance. Hynes loves dogs and spending time with family and friends.

Tyler is an extremely gifted young actor with an innate gift for acting. His on-screen chemistry with Erin Krakow in the Hallmark movie It Was Always You was undeniable, yet they remain non-romantic in real life; each respecting each other’s personal lives and boundaries.

Tyler has become one of the most beloved Hallmark actors. His sultry looks and charming persona have won him many romantic film and TV show roles that left viewers swooning over him, including romantic comedies such as My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5. Most recently he played his most iconic role yet in My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 (2018).

Tyler Hynes may not yet be married, but he already boasts an enormous fan base. He can often be found attending public events such as premieres and award shows; with a charming personality that always comes across beautifully dressed.

Rumors swirling that he may be in a relationship have surfaced; reports claim he may be with Racquel Natasha. Though their romance remains relatively private, both parties appear happy together.

He is in a relationship

Tyler Hynes has made many Hallmark Channel audiences fall for him with his charming personality and handsome looks, garnering him many admirers. However, not much was revealed about his personal life or relationship status until recently when he started posting pictures of Racquel Natasha on social media (some deleted by the user while some have been saved by fans) which indicates they may be involved. It seems they may even be in a serious relationship.

Hynes enjoys amassing an extensive following on Instagram, where he regularly posts images of himself with co-stars as well as pet dogs. Fans have speculated on his romantic life but, so far, Hynes has kept silent regarding any potential affairs; instead providing fans with updates about his career progress.

Hynes has gone far beyond acting to become both a writer and director. His credits include writing short films and TV shows such as Goosebumps, Soldier of Fortune and The Secret Files of Shelby Woo. Furthermore, he appeared in movies such as AFK and television series such as Tagged, as well as voice acting a character in Star Trek: Discovery animated series.

Hynes remains unmarried despite his success. Preferring not to discuss his personal life in public forums, Hynes did however confirm having had a girlfriend at some point but declined to provide details. In one interview he did admit they had an encounter but declined further details regarding them.

In 2023, he attended the Winter TCA Press Tour for Hallmark Channel’s “American Rescue Dog Show.” Dressed to impress in black suit and white shirt attire, he was joined by co-star Lacey Chabert.

Hynes has had multiple relationships but remains non-committal about them all. While he does feature his two nieces on Instagram, neither Erin Krakow or Tyler have shared details regarding any potential romantic encounters outside of film and TV roles; their fans hope that one day these actors might meet for real.

He is married to Racquel Natasha

Tyler Hynes remains relatively unknown to most, yet has managed to enjoy an accomplished acting career. He has appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies such as Saving Hope and It Was Always You; in addition, he directed two short films as well as an episode of Unreal.

Although the actor is highly successful at his craft, he prefers to keep his private life out of public view. He rarely speaks out about his romantic relationships or posts any images featuring them on social media platforms such as Instagram. Many fans are curious as to his relationship status but so far have seen no indications from him that he may be married or involved with someone serious.

Tyler Hynes is best known for his romantic roles on Hallmark Channel movies, with an enormous following on social media. He often co-stars alongside Erin Krakow in films together; their onscreen chemistry makes for compelling viewing – yet, these two are not real life partners and likely won’t marry anytime soon.

As previously noted, actor has kept much of his personal life private; however, in 2017 he posted an Instagram photo featuring Racquel Natasha alongside a pumpkin with the words: “missing my girls”. Although later deleted, fans identified her as Racquel Natasha of Natassia Swim Wear in Miami who works commercial modeling jobs as Racquel Natasha’s love interest. Although neither party have confirmed or acknowledged their relationship publicly yet; nonetheless it appears they are happy together.

Hynes has been acting for more than 20 years. Beginning his career with a small role on Goosebumps TV show in 1996, he has appeared in various movies and television series such as Saved by the Bell, AFK, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, 19-2 and Flashpoint. Additionally he has written and directed various projects such as short film AFK and TV movie The Mistletoe Secret as well as being an award-winning Hallmark Channel star.

He is married to Mallory Jansen

Tyler Hynes has amassed an immense fan base due to his romantic roles on Hallmark Channel movies. A Picture of Her is no exception as he shares incredible chemistry with Rhiannon Fish – as an actor often portraying romantic roles, fans may wonder if there is someone special he shares his time with in real life?

Hynes, who first started acting at eight, first gained professional experience through theatre performances he appeared in (72 performances of “A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim” and Canadian tour of “The Who’s rock opera Tommy”) before transitioning to film and television roles – such as Little Men, Tales from the Neverending Story, Peter Benchley’s Amazon as well as Saving Hope 19-2 UnREAL among many more.

Tyler Hynes remains discreet when it comes to his personal life despite his immense success as an actor, only occasionally sharing updates about his love life or girlfriend on social media and making public appearances. In one interview he admitted he was dating someone, yet declined to name her publicly – unsurprising given Hynes is known for keeping his personal affairs away from public scrutiny.

Tyler Hynes began dating fashion blogger and influencer Racquel Natasha for some time in 2017. Although he did not confirm their relationship, they could often be seen together at events and social gatherings such as premieres for their projects or charity events – although they no longer had an intimate romantic connection they remained strong friends over time.

Recently, Tyler Hynes has been linked with Erin Krakow from It Was Always You; however, they do not share an intimate romantic relationship; rather they enjoy working together on projects as friends. Tyler Hynes has excellent chemistry with all his co-stars and respects their personal lives.

Tyler Hynes is also an active philanthropist, contributing to various charities and causes. He is particularly dedicated to animal rescue projects and children’s causes – even adopting some animals himself! Furthermore, Tyler strongly supports breast cancer awareness efforts as well as being part of National Ballet of Canada as one of its proud supporters.