Food Truck Event Near Me


Foodies can satisfy their cravings with various one-time and ongoing events that meet foodies’ cravings – including pizza, refreshing ice cream, flavor-loaded tacos, succulent BBQ, and unique, eclectic dishes.

Due to limited truck access in NYC parks, many parks host weekly night markets and street fairs despite truck restrictions. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. New York City

New York City offers many food truck events offering some of the city’s most inventive cuisine, from company lunches to holiday celebrations and everything in between. Catering services provide tasty gourmet burgers or freshly fried falafel, making NYC one of the premier places for food truck catering events nationwide. Whatever your craving might be – chances are good there is an event nearby that will satisfy it!

New York is an energetic city full of vitality and activity, so it is no surprise that meals-on-wheels, once limited to offering simple burgers and hot dogs, have quickly grown into formidable rivals of Gotham’s best brick-and-mortar restaurants. Lucky for foodies, many meals-on-wheels in Gotham offer both affordability and convenience for patrons.

Waffles have long been an icon of New York street food culture, but at Wafels & Dinges, they get an extra-special makeover! Their sweet toppings range from powdered sugar to Nutella drizzles, and they have expanded beyond classic waffles to include pulled pork dishes and cherry Kool-Aid marinated pickles.

Franky’s Souvlaki in Queens stands out as a food truck that excels at traditional fare like gyros, meat skewers, and Greek salad, along with its grill fare.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers an abundance of food trucks, with some particularly noteworthy options like Luke’s Lobster, Stuf’d Truck, Downeast Lobstah, and Carl’s Cheese Steaks being significant.

Harajuku Sushi & Crepe offers exquisite sushi at reasonable prices, and their innovative menu will inspire you. Plus, they cater – making any event unforgettable.

Diesel Dogs stands out when it comes to creating delicious burgers. Offering traditional and unique toppings, their burgers are always perfectly cooked, so there is no worry over texture or bite size.

Though food truck regulations remain restrictive in Manhattan, Brooklyn parks and plazas provide the perfect setting to find a variety of rolling kitchens. From street fairs and night markets to private corporate events – there is always a food truck event happening here that can satisfy your cravings!

3. The Bronx

The Bronx offers residents many food events. Ranging from gourmet street food fairs and wine-tasting events, Bronx residents can satiate their hunger while supporting local entrepreneurs and restaurants. Attending these events allows visitors to sample new cuisines while uncovering hidden gems in the area – plus, it provides an excellent opportunity for bonding between family members.

The Food Truck Rodeo at the Public Market takes place every last Wednesday of April through September and attracts over 40 food trucks and carts, along with live music, Rohrbach’s Brewery beer, family-themed activities, and proceeds going directly back into local charities.

At this event, guests can sample delicious cuisine from various local restaurants and food trucks, including Luke’s Lobster, Stuf’d Truck, Nana’s A Vegan, and Downeast Lobstah Treat Yourself Jerk Yummy Gummies, to name but a few. All guests can vote for their favorites while sampling all types of foods available to them!

Are You Hosting a Food Truck Event Near Me? Reach Out to Local Catering Companies Now To Receive Customized Quotes. If so, contact local catering companies for customized quotes tailored to your event needs. When determining who would best serve your type of event – for instance, events with multiple food trucks usually cost more. Also, remember the size and number of attendees and any special dietary restrictions or requests when choosing a catering company!

4. Long Island

Long Island is home to numerous gourmet food trucks that travel to the local breweries, vineyards, and private events, offering delicious treats at venues like breweries, vineyards, or private events. While restaurants may use mobile as a means to increase catering options and showcase culinary talent more easily without incurring costly start-up costs or regulatory requirements for starting up a traditional restaurant operation, mobiles provide chefs who cannot afford these costs with another platform to showcase their culinary abilities and showcase them without worry about lease agreements, staffing issues or regulatory compliance concerns associated with opening an establishment.

Billie Jeans Burger Truck’s bright yellow exterior can be found at Six Harbors Brewing Company or at backyard parties around Huntington. You will find delicious patties with creative toppings like beer-battered onion rings and fried pickles! This truck can also provide catering services.

When looking for a healthy sandwich alternative, this food truck’s vegan offerings provide just that – try their Veggie Delight with lettuce and tomato, Caprese with mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, or their Veggie Philly featuring grilled veggies, cheese, and mayo! Additionally, they serve smoothies, juices, and bubble tea.

The Babylon Block Party takes over the train station parking lot several evenings each summer, filling it with music, vendors, games, and food trucks for an evening full of festivities and delicious fare. Other regular street-food gatherings on Long Island include Street Food Sunday Marketplace at Merrick train station and biweekly Thursdays at Leeds Pond Preserve in Plandome.