What is a Cake Card?


Cake cards are pieces of food-grade cardboard used by bakers to ensure uniform and level tiers when transporting layered cakes. By inserting cake cards between layers, these cards help bakers achieve consistent and level layers that also provide support when transporting their creation.

Be mindful when selecting cake cards of their thickness – polycoated are generally thinner and more cost-effective, while gold or silver foil may suit more luxurious cakes.

They are a great way to present a cake

Cake cards are small pieces of food-grade material used between layers of multi-tiered cakes. Bakers use cake cards to help create uniform and level tiers and present it professionally; there are various sizes and styles to suit various events such as weddings and birthdays.

Cake cards are ideal for celebrating any special occasion and can easily be decorated to suit the event or celebration theme. Also perfect for cupcakes and gateaux presentations, cake cards are made from food-grade silver foil and come in various shapes and sizes to suit individual cakes. Compared to cake boards, cake cards are lighter and easier to transport and come in more colours to complement the event or theme of any celebration cake you bake!

Cake cards can be purchased online and assembled quickly and easily. Simply remove both pieces from their backings, score along their lines on both pieces, then glue together securely so all edges join securely before drying for use!

Assembling a cake card can be an excellent way to delight someone special with an unexpected present. Choose the design based on what will appeal to the recipient’s interests, and they will never know what’s coming! Plus, this card can even go through their letterbox so no worrying about who might be home when sending.

These cake boards come with either cut edge or turned edge options; when turned edge is chosen, the top foil ‘turns over’ onto all four sides of the board to cover them as well. This offers more refined finish for cake creation while being less costly than cut edge option. They measure approximately the thickness of a standard sponge cake tier and can easily be cut to size using scissors or kitchen cutters.

They are a great gift

Cake cards are an effective way of showing someone you appreciate their hard work or generosity, from helping out with big projects or being kind; to friends and family as gifts – there’s sure to be one perfect for every recipient! With many cake card options available today, finding just the right card could not be simpler!

The Quilled Cake Card Range is an exquisite collection of unique handmade cards featuring an intricate quilled image of a cake with an endearing romantic message inside. All Fair Trade certified cards make a thoughtful present for someone you care about or even get one as an employee appreciation gift to show your gratitude for hard work done by employees.

Choose from an assortment of card designs and styles, such as thank you cards, birthday cards and valentine’s day cards. Some come complete with cute designs and illustrations while others may be simpler; thank you cards are ideal for anyone but especially handy when business professionals need to thank a lot of people at once!

Some cake cards are designed for reuse, while others cannot. Some come covered with an antimicrobial silver foil coating that makes cleanup easier; these cards may also help save money and reduce waste by recycling old or tired boards.

Reusing cake cards may seem tempting, but this is not advised as they can easily become damaged and covered in food residue. They’re easy and affordable enough that they make great additions to any baker’s supplies.

They are a great way to advertise your business

Running a bakery requires both baking skills and business acumen, with marketing being especially challenging for small to mid-sized operations. But using effective strategies and bakery business cards you can increase sales while building brand recognition.

To create a high-quality bakery business card, it’s crucial to use quality paper and ink. Cheap card stock may make the card appear unprofessional. In addition, an ideal bakery business card should feature contact details, social media accounts and website addresses so customers can easily reach you should they need your services.

Need a customized bakery business card or just need to give the old ones a makeover? There are various creative ideas out there to help get the job done! These creative concepts will leave customers with lasting memories of your brand!

Your loyal customers can also become advocates for your business by posting testimonials online and encouraging their friends to try out your products. This will allow you to expand reach while increasing customer retention.

Discounting regularly purchased baked goods or cupcakes can also help promote your bakery, encouraging people to frequent it more frequently and increasing revenue. As an incentive for frequent shoppers, try offering such offers: “Buy 10 cupcakes and get the 11th free” or similar promotions that reward loyal patrons. Doing this will encourage more visits while increasing revenue.

Create and share baking recipes on a blog can also help your bakery gain customers, establish itself as an expert baker, and gain better insight into who your target audience is, leading to more sales. In addition, an online store or cake ordering app are great ways of fulfilling customers’ needs and demands; all are excellent ways of marketing a bakery business to increase performance and increase profits.

They are a great way to celebrate

Be it birthday, anniversary, or just-because, there’s always something extra special about giving someone the perfect cake card! These handy packages contain everything necessary for baking a delicious celebration cake in one convenient package – baking case, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles and candle. Made from high-grade food-grade paper and printed using eco-friendly practices; certified FSC Rainforest Alliance Certified as well as SFI with minimum 10% post consumer recycled fiber content, each cake card makes the perfect present!

These cards come in sizes ranging from 3″ to 12″. Smaller cake cards are ideal for use when creating gateaux and light sponge cakes, while larger cards can accommodate tiered cakes with ease. Each comes equipped with 8mm dowel holes and can easily be cut using kitchen scissors; additionally, all cards feature hygienic silver foil coating.

These cards are ideal for birthday cakes and any special celebration, showing your friends and family just how much you care. Each hand-drawn card features its own special design that will leave them smiling!

This card, printed on FSC-, Rainforest Alliance-Certified, Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), and Green Seal certified cardstock with soy inks is sure to bring joy on any special occasion! Featuring an adorable cake decorated with flowers with the words, “Happy Birthday”. Inside is a blank section where you can write in your personal message. Added flair is provided with its matching white envelope that also meets FSC and Green Seal certification and contains 30% post-consumer recycled content with its embossed embossing to add that extra special sparkle!