Misumi Makoto – The Girl Who Was Meant to Confession Japanese Name


Junichi Hashiba finds himself frustrated that his classmates seem to be pairing off. With encouragement from his unattached peers, Junichi boldly expresses his affection to Yukana Yame, whom he profoundly admires.

Though she initially rejects him, he perseveres and attempts to win her over – only to discover she is an alluring Gyaru who attracts other girls like Nene Fujinoki and Ranko Honjo.

Misumai Youshin

Tsukuyomi summons Misumi Makoto to another world and becomes its hero. However, when his appearance displeases the Goddess that rules this one, she scolds him harshly, which infuriates Misumi so much he seeks vengeance against her.

Misumi is a Japanese name with two characters that provide the initial reading together. His first character, Hao, means great or overpowering while his second, Xue, can mean snow – the latter character is also found in Samurai weapon skills Midare Setsugekka and Fan shiXue Yue Hua, so it would seem that Misumi has an unfortunate choice of characters to represent him.

Her name, Ye Lu, is a combination of Ye (meaning night) and Lu (meaning dew) and was likely inspired by the Chinese legend of the Moon Princess, who had the power to transform into a beautiful woman at nighttime. Additionally, it’s said she gave birth to an elegant dragon that lives nearby – another testament to her stunning genes!

Hayato Izumi is head of the My Wife the Student Council President series’ disciplinary committee and dislikes Ui Wakana’s antics. Additionally, she’s morally pure and does not approve of men who harass girls sexually; over time, though she develops feelings for Hayato that lead her to become jealous of their relationship with Ui.

This anime is an adaptation of Nyouro Kesseki and Kagachi Saku’s manga “Wishful Thinking,” licensed to English readers through J-Novel Club and translated into both a TV series and movie, which are currently in production with plans to be released sometime around 2020. Meanwhile, its TV show airs on the J-Novel Club channel as well as various video streaming services. It is rated due to explicit sexual acts featuring women and young children, lighthearted comedy with some touching moments, making this must-watch for fans of romantic comedies who want more! Critics and audiences have both given positive reviews regarding its adaptation!

Barato Nanami

Nanami is a prim and proper gyaru from the upper class at her school, with an attentive nature that leads her to help others, particularly yokai. One reason she joined Morfonica was this sense of duty – but she would also like more human friends as Nanami has inherited both intelligence and talent from both of her parents – noting how this belief leads her into conflict with Tomoe over time.

Barato Nanami hails from a lineage of high-ranking Yokai and was the first of her line to bear a son, which is not often done among this caste. With her strong personality and willingness to stand up for what she believes in even if it means getting into trouble, Barato Nanami stands out amongst her peers by standing up for what she stands for no matter the consequences; yet she can also be somewhat clumsy and tomboyish at times, sometimes leading her down unexpected paths that scare Tomoe and Kurama Shinjirou when trying out her ideas on them both!

Through her actions and words, she’s shown how her actions and words can change other people’s perspectives. She understands others’ problems well and doesn’t hesitate to cry when sad; however, her naivete sometimes causes her pain.

She is a bright and talented girl, yet struggles to make friends due to her unique nature. To become more “normal,” she joins Morfonica, but it doesn’t work out very well, and she isolates herself from everyone except a few human friends. Although she tries to maintain her art and music abilities independently, they never quite keep pace, so in the end, she joins a band to meet people more easily.

Junichi Hashiba

Junichi Hashiba is an outcast in high school who has yet to experience true romance. While all his other male acquaintances have found significant others, Junichi remains single without even an official romantic interest to call his own. Unsure what is wrong, his few (perverted) friends urge him to approach Yukana Yame – an attractive woman known for romanticizing men – about this matter.

Friends give her a confession note in her shoe locker, and she agrees to date Junichi despite her boy-crazy ways. Despite being concerned for his virginity, she does everything she can to protect it and defend him from guys making advances on her. While Junichi teases her occasionally with her playful personality, he loves her just the same and refuses to allow anyone to interfere in his relationship.

Junichi runs into Nene at a cosplay cafe and discusses their summer vacation plans; Nene offers to include him in her group, but Junichi declines, saying that he wants to spend time with Yukana instead. She teases him about this decision while Junichi attempts to speak with Yukana, but her friends Ranko and Boa stop them by creating schemes.

Yukana overhears the argument and attempts to persuade Junichi that they should be together, only to tell her he doesn’t want an exclusive relationship and things shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. She agrees to hang out with them, but not without some reservations.

At a Karaoke Club, Junichi attempts to kiss her in a “dogeza position,” as suggested by Shinpei. To his shock and surprise, however, her reaction catches him unawares, and he apologizes profusely for trying too hard. Afterward, she invites him onto her rooftop for a dance party, where Junichi attempts to kiss her again before joining in the fun by dancing himself!

At the party, Ranko is approached by two boys who want to speak privately with him and Yukana separately. Aggressively seduces him until Yukana appears and stops the sexual advances; she then reveals she’s dating Junichi and calls him her boyfriend. This leads him to confront Ranko for his behavior, who threatens to expose their relationship in front of everyone in class.

Yukana Yame

Yukana Yame is Junichi Hashiba’s first girlfriend. After being convinced to ask her out by his more perverted friends, he meets her after initially considering him a pervert and being embarrassed by his attempts at courtship. At first, she finds him disgusting before becoming friends through subtle flirting. Through a series of playful banter, they begin bonding more closely until she eventually agrees to be his girlfriend, much to his surprise.

Though she may initially seem intimidating, Gyaru is an immensely caring and innocent girl with a good heart. While her taunting may make her seem cruel or vindictive, underneath, she’s pretty sweet and caring about her friends and boyfriend. Gyaru represents exactly the type of lady most boys dream about having as their first girlfriend.

Yukana is beautiful with an exquisite face and figure, sporting strawberry blonde locks tied in a high ponytail and wearing a modified school uniform with loose socks. Yukana also makes for an excellent dancer with great potential in her future as an interpretive dancer; when her friends are threatened, she does all she can to protect them.

Junichi had always considered her to be his friend; however, after becoming friends with Ranko and Dai Mitarai in middle school, they started competing for his affection, and this caused him to feel jealous; it led him to suspect she may have been flirting with one or both of their classmates instead of him; thankfully this suspicion proved untrue, and she never betrayed him in any way.

He eventually reconciled with her at a cafe, with Nene and Yui present, becoming his first girlfriend. She is charming, boasting great character qualities and an irresistibly lovely smile, making her worth watching!

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