How I Became the Hero Who Banished the Protagonist


Gideon Ragnason, better known by his nickname Red, lives peacefully as an apothecary in Zoltan’s frontier town. He keeps his past hidden and prefers avoiding fights whenever possible; however, when Albert and Bighawk, contract demons hired by Albert for an illegal contract demon job, kidnap Ademi from him, Red must take immediate action against Albert and Bighawk to rescue her.


Ruti, Red’s younger sister, was blessed with humanity’s most potent divine blessing: Hero. In its wake, Ruti gained incredible powers that allowed her to slay any enemy with one strike – yet it also hindered her emotions and humanity as unnecessary for a hero figure. Unfortunately, her blessing inhibited these efforts to express herself freely and her feelings toward her brother Red, whom she felt had betrayed and died before they could fully say it themselves; ultimately, she abandoned her role of Hero and now lives at Zoltan alongside him and Red.

Ruti Olajugbagbe made her musical debut as a finalist in The Voice UK in 2018. Sir Tom Jones selected her after she performed an exceptional rendition of George Ezra’s Budapest and eventually defeated Saskia Eng to secure a place in the semifinals and finally won as she sang her cover of Dreams to reach the final.

Ruti won The Voice UK in 2019 and released her debut EP, Racing Cars, shortly after that. Now she is back with a single that showcases her unique musicality – Closing to You is an upbeat yet soulful neo-soul tune that showcases Ruti’s vocal prowess while being perfectly complimented by its breezy production.

Ruti is a part-time carer from Stanford-le-Hope near Southend in Essex who studies at Youth Creation Performing Arts School. She has performed her cover of Latch and Use Somebody on YouTube and enjoys mixing songs; bands such as Bastille and Arctic Monkeys have influenced her; she sang at Thurrock Young Musician of the Year final in 2013 and was part of a harmony group.


Gideon Ragnason, commonly known as Red, left the Hero’s Party to pursue farming and artisanry instead of rejoining it. While occasionally regretting leaving Zoltan behind him, his new lifestyle gives him great satisfaction; though he cannot use powerful magic spells or advance martial arts skills like his former colleagues did, his contributions are still meaningful to Zoltan.

Red and Rit’s relationship has progressed nicely, and he is eager to propose. To find the ideal ring, Red and Rit plan a trip together into the Zoltan Mountains; unfortunately, their excursion soon turns into an epic survival battle when an ex-member of Hero’s Party appears looking for her master. Her presence may cause miscommunication but may ultimately save lives on these mountains.

Yarandrala is a high elf with the Divine Blessing of Forest Speaker, which allows her to communicate and manipulate plants. Originally part of Gideon’s Hero’s Party, she left after Ares abused her to force Gideon out – this loyalty underscored by reluctance to leave was indicative of Enneagram Type 6, Loyalist.

Yarandrala and Red share an intense dislike of Ares due to his arrogant narcissism; their mutual dislike has given rise to suspicion regarding Ares’ motives, as Yarandrala can hear Red’s thoughts through trees. She suspects he’s plotting Red’s murder.

The anime adaptation of Banished From the Hero’s Party: I Decided to Lead a Quiet Life in the Countryside premiered in Fall 2021 and currently has 13 episodes. Directed by Makoto Hoshino and produced by studio Flad, Ryota Suzuki, and Kanon Takao reprise their roles as Red and Rit, respectively; Alexis Tipton voices Yarandrala while Sora Amamiya provides her Japanese voiceover performance.


Ares is the Greek god of war and chaos, associated with all forms of combat, such as swordplay or hand-to-hand combat. He revels in bloodshed and destruction, leading him to be hated by other gods and his parents, Zeus and Hera. Additionally, Ares patronized cutthroats and pirates to profit even from the bloodiest battles.

Ares, the son of a failed duke, joined the Hero’s party to restore his family’s power after his father had been stripped of his ducal title. While initially appearing confident and generous, he becomes more selfish and vindictive after being banned, eventually leading him on an individual quest. He believes he alone can save the world; thus, his obsession drives him away from joining any Hero’s party members on such investigations.

Ruti initially wants to come back under her influence; however, she decides to live her own life rather than following the Blessing of the Devil and abandons him. At an elven ruin they are visiting, they meet Bui, an Asura demon who informs them that an artifact from when the first hero lived can be found here. Red, Rit, Godwin, and Tisse arrive unexpectedly before using their Sacred Blades against him and thus defeating him in battle.

After his defeat, Ares died cowardly; his pleas for rescue went unheeded until he succumbed to blood loss. Red, however, enjoyed a happy ending of his own: opening up his shop, marrying the love of his life, and breaking free of the hero’s blessing. Red also killed Ares, an entitled jerk who became banned from Red’s party due to greed and selfishness – as his tactics and genius only led them further into a disadvantage against Demon Lord and ultimately led them down into defeat and let them down into loss themselves by killing Ares. Red also killed Ares due to his low intelligence leading them to a complete disadvantage against Demon Lord and defeated Red with ease!


Rit is a beautiful blonde girl with long blond locks who hails from Loggervia and is the kingdom’s princess. Once an associate of Ares’ betrayal in Heroes Party, she decided to stay in Zoltan with Red instead; nevertheless, she remains an effective warrior with excellent fighting skills and proficiency in magic.

She is an assassin who uses her skills to earn a living. She enjoys eating fish sticks and has had an unfortunate past involving being sold into slavery as a child before joining an assassin’s guild to make ends meet – she even manages to kill poisonous spiders quickly! – which gives her extra points for being an assassin!

Red is excited when she meets Red; he knows he is her brother, so they’re eager to reunite. however, he seems concerned by her strange behavior since leaving Hero’s Party.

At first sight, the two meet at a roadside food stall where they both sell hand warmers despite their differences, immediately recognizing each other as experienced adventurers. Following some conversational small talk, they are led to a fairy dragon hamlet, where it is revealed that there is an ongoing magical drain that threatens their home region.

Tisse respects Red and does her best to remain calm when faced with danger, but is still capable of feeling fear. In a battle against Ares, Tisse used Mr. Crawly-Wawly to distract Ares so Red could kill him. Though she does not object to killing people herself, Tisse does not take pleasure in killing either.

At last, she realizes that she cannot save the world alone and seeks to convince Red that he should do it instead. They eventually return to Zoltan.

Banished from the Hero’s Party Volume 3 marks an exciting step forward and sets up something even more significant for future events. Readers will be treated to an engaging story and memorable character moments; an additional volume is scheduled for release later in October by Yen Press; additionally, an anime adaptation is due to begin airing sometime during 2021.