Liberty Learning Center


Liberty Learning Center provides children with a full-time educational program. Their curriculum is designed to foster individualized learning and increase student engagement. Furthermore, Liberty offers various activities and events, such as school plays and art shows, to keep kids busy during their learning experience.

Navy Plan students benefit from an exclusive Learning Center Study Hall that provides personalized academic support, including help developing self-advocacy skills and effective study habits.


Our Tutoring Center allows enrolled BCCC students to connect with professional and peer tutors free of charge in all subject areas and meet frequently during the fall and spring semesters. Students can also utilize NetTutor, an online tutoring service accessible via Blackboard that features writing assistance, math statistics, biology, chemistry, and accounting.

Tutoring can be an invaluable way to ensure you grasp course concepts and develop study strategies. A qualified tutor should be able to explain complex concepts easily, provide feedback on written assignments, prepare you for exams, write papers for you or assess whether your research documentation is complete, and suggest ways for revision.

The Liberty Learning Center offers an unrivaled learning experience. Combining the best elements of traditional schools – peers, classes, and mentors – with homeschooling flexibility, its curriculum responds to developmental milestones and needs while meeting New York Education Department benchmarks and considering students’ strengths and interests.


Liberty Learning Center provides children with an educational experience in a safe, loving, Christ-centered environment that meets their social, academic, and physical needs. Utilizing Teaching Strategies’ Creative Curriculum for Preschool (CCPP), Liberty Learning Center specializes in helping each child reach his or her full potential across all areas of learning. Children are taught to love God, others, and themselves and to become effective problem solvers.

Broken Arrow Public Schools provides early learning centers (ELCs). Each ECC classroom is taught by an early childhood teacher and teaching aide, serving a maximum of 20 children at any time. The program aims to prepare these youngsters for kindergarten and foster social development and independence through daily activities beyond curriculum delivery.

The three-year-old pre-K program serves children who will turn three by September 30. It can be found at most elementary school sites and runs five days a week with morning and afternoon half-day options; parents are responsible for transporting their children.

Schools serving predominantly low-income students generally receive significantly less state and local funding than schools serving primarily white students, creating what is commonly referred to as an achievement gap that warrants attention from all members of society.


Students in this class explore ancient civilizations through story-based learning, hands-on projects, and process art. Students learn geography, mapping, and art history as they engage with interactive literature. Reading skills are built through direct phonics instruction and children’s books they love. Writing skills are nurtured through journaling personal narratives and peer editing workshops, making this curriculum the ideal companion to our Super Citizen programs that emphasize character education, fiscal responsibility, and career exploration.

Team Walker Learning Center is the recipient of a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant award and operates the after-school program at PS#22 in Jersey City. Team Walker provides homework tutorials, rotating enrichment classes, remediation activities, recreation classes, and daily snacks and dinners for the program participants. In addition, its staff coordinates educational class trips for PS#22 students, monthly parenting workshops, and family nights.

The Liberty Learning Foundation is a non-profit organization that facilitates engaging, educational civics and character programs for classrooms and organizes local events that empower schools, parents, local leaders, and communities to take ownership of their country and community. Their 10-week grade-appropriate student experiences help meet the course of study standards while taking advantage of a central character/literacy curriculum.

Our students benefit from the classic approach to education, a method popular before Darwinism became mainstream science. The classical approach honors God-given parental authority and Scripture and considers the true nature of man.

Summer Camp

Liberty Learning Center’s Summer Camp gives children a fun way to discover their world by getting outdoors and learning about life. This program aims to boost self-esteem, encourage creativity, and reduce summer learning loss while developing social skills and making new friends. Parents are welcome to attend their children’s activities!

Liberty Science Center provides visitors many different experiences, such as live shows and 3D films. Visitors will immediately notice the breathtaking, domed theater as one of their first stops; it makes it worthwhile even if they don’t plan to attend any shows themselves.

Camp Invention provides children with the perfect way to unleash their creative side. Each week features a different STEM theme while campers enjoy hands-on experiments and fun games – it is the ideal program to build confidence and problem-solving abilities!

Finding the ideal summer camp for your child starts by choosing one that speaks to their interests. For instance, if they love food, the Kitchen Creations camp provides instruction in healthy cooking and allows students to create culinary masterpieces guided by instructors.

Check their website for programs like 3D film showings and Weston Family Lab. Plus, view animals at their large animal exhibit.