Little Lights Learning Center


Little Lights Learning Center is a family-owned childcare provider dedicated to creating a safe, stimulating, and enriching experience for your children. Furthermore, our high-quality education contributes to their intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Little Lights does not discriminate based on race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin when administering educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Learning Environment

Our classrooms are designed to be open and flexible. Children can participate in various activities, including art, experiments, dramatic play, writing letters and numbers, and daily outside play. We follow the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework; Toddler 1 classes may begin enrolling as soon as a child can walk unaided down a hall, manage sippy cups or finger foods independently, and manage sippy cup and finger food meal services independently. In addition, monthly Scholastic Book Orders are available.


Little Lights Learning Center stands out with its dedicated staff that truly loves what they do – providing safe, warm, loving environments for its young learners while offering various educational activities to promote learning.

Teachers at Little Lights are fully trained in various disciplines, including Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and Special Education. Furthermore, each teacher must complete annual First Aid/CPR training and pass a criminal background check before being certified in child abuse prevention and qualified to teach the State Curriculum Frameworks.

Each classroom will follow a basic schedule that includes learning and exploration activities that evolve with the needs of its group during the year. These schedules are posted within classrooms; time for physical play outdoors (which helps develop extensive muscle development) is also scheduled every day.

Our school adheres to a Christian curriculum, which helps children understand that God created all that exists. They also learn that prayer communicates with Him and that Jesus is His Son. Teachers encourage the children to treat one another with kindness and respect and assist when difficulties arise, encouraging them to express themselves verbally whenever possible.


Little Lights Learning Center in Chestertown, Maryland, is a licensed daycare facility serving children ages 2-5 years. Families are responsible for weekly tuition payments to maintain access as it does not participate in government-subsidized childcare programs.

Little Lights Learning Center accepts cash, checks, and credit cards as payment for tuition payments each week on the first day of attendance. If unable to cover the total amount upfront, please speak with the Director about setting up payment plan options.

Parents must collect their children by 5:30 pm each evening, failing which a $5.00 late pick-up fee will apply per hour after 5:30 pm. If this occurs more than once, you may be required to withdraw them until tuition payments have been made; if not possible, this should be avoided as this can create a financial strain on some families; otherwise, their spot may be given to someone on our waiting list.


Little Lights Christian Early Learning Center seeks to impart God’s word, the Bible, in an accessible and relatable way for young children. Students are encouraged to form close bonds with Jesus while discovering His principles for how we should treat one another.

Our staff is committed to providing educational opportunities that cover the following four domains in a caring environment: Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Social development. Activities offered daily include playtime, experiments, art projects, and reading – in addition to using various teaching methods that allow each child to reach his or her maximum potential.

Each classroom maintains a basic schedule that provides structure to their day while leaving enough flexibility for individual children’s needs. Teachers help children develop self-control by rewarding positive behaviors and redirecting inappropriate ones; also encouraging the use of words rather than acting out and assisting children to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully with one another.

Ashlee has been employed with Little Lights for five years and has held multiple roles within the school: toddler teacher, department supervisor, office manager, and director. Ashlee views children as invaluable resources and considers working with them a privilege; she enjoys building lasting relationships and supporting parents as caregivers for their caregiving duties. In her free time, she enjoys watching Lona perform at horse shows and spending quality time with her family.