Don Bosco Center For Learning


Education is of utmost importance to young people, and its impact is felt across their careers, relationships, and sense of self-worth. Additionally, its economic development benefits not only their community but themselves as well.

Don Bosco Center for Learning makes student education its top priority, teaching students to read and write while providing vocational training programs and family programs.

Academic Enrichment Programs

The curriculum provides a strong foundation in mathematics and language arts. It seeks to teach an awareness of major historical forces that have shaped today’s society and foster critical thinking skills and clear communication. Furthermore, courses in humanities and fine arts allow pupils to expand their horizons of culture with courses on literature, art, and music from around the world and promote understanding of Catholic faith and Salesian traditions.

Students at TCRHS are challenged to realize their academic potential in a safe and supportive environment and encouraged to explore their passions and interests through extra-curricular programs such as dramatics, speech, music ministry, band concert choir student council sports publications, photography, Shakespeare After Hours National Honor Society memberships.

Academic excellence can only be attained through an integrated academic curriculum that fosters critical thinking skills, appreciation for various forms of literary, artistic, and musical expression, and an ability to understand and respect people from other cultures. Our college preparatory program caters to each student while offering a full range of courses for grades 9 through 12 students.

Academic preparation is one of the most crucial parts of a young person’s development and has far-reaching implications for their career, relationships, and sense of self-worth. At Don Bosco Center, we help youth discover who they indeed are as children of God, welcoming them into a supportive community environment while equipping them with skills needed for college success and beyond.

In 1956, an interparochial high school was established for Gilbertville and five surrounding parishes in Indiana. Along with classrooms, this facility housed an auditorium-gymnasium as well as home economics classes, science labs, library services, and an office. Staffed by Sisters of Resurrection, as well as lay teachers. Donations made through the “For a Brighter Future” development fund contributed towards many improvements at this school.

Summer Camps

The Center’s summer camps provide students with recreational and educational activities while they receive nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch daily. Up to 225 children can attend over six weeks, with families covering only 20% of total costs. While students learn English and participate in educational activities – such as an entrepreneurial-themed particular program – Salesian teachers certified in bilingual education and early childhood development teach classes alongside volunteer interns serving as teacher’s aides to provide additional support.

Campers enjoy practicing academic skills while playing games and exploring nature. Children also learn the value of being good citizens who treat others with respect; staff at the camp is trained in Don Bosco’s modern methods of youth work based on reason, religion, and loving-kindness. Beyond its academic programs, the Foundation operates a soup kitchen and children’s closet, which provide 66,000 meals annually as well as clothing, books, toys, and shoes to children in need.

Since 2016, RCDS students and coaches have been regularly visiting the camp, spending time with campers while working on various projects that will make the facility more modern and comfortable. Their presence exemplifies RCDS’ motto of ‘Not for Self but Service.”

Don Bosco Prep hosted its Ironmen Baseball Clinic for young baseball players from the community in April of 2018. This clinic aimed at teaching fundamentals of the game tailored specifically for each participant’s ability and learning style, with coaching staff working closely with individual participants to create individual development plans designed to improve skill levels while reaching the full potential of each potential athlete.

Our facility features a full-sized synthetic turf field, batting cages, and pitching mounds for quality training environments. Our coaching staff has experience working with young athletes to make each clinic enjoyable and worthwhile experience for everyone involved.

Family Programs

Students attending our Salesian High School enjoy the campus as a welcoming family environment where students care for each other while experiencing Los Angeles in all its glory, from professional sporting games and landmarks to vibrant city culture.

Don Bosco was known for making sure every Salesian school, parish, youth center, and other works aimed at youth were welcoming places where young people felt at home, whether that meant offering them academic instruction that prepared them for life’s challenges, deepening spiritual practices within church settings or providing playground opportunities where friends could meet up.

Salesian missionaries have long been on the front lines, tirelessly working to help children in need around the globe. On November 20, Salesians celebrate Universal Children’s Day by spotlighting programs that support youth worldwide.

The Salesians focus on providing education, social development, and vocational training in developing nations. Additionally, they provide food, shelter, and other essential services. In Nepal, for instance, this Society played an instrumental role in assisting after two devastating earthquakes destroyed buildings and killed thousands of people.

In Brazil, Salesian missionaries reach out to young people living in poverty through schools and community centers. Furthermore, their society aims to address high rates of teenage pregnancies by teaching life skills to young mothers as they become self-sufficient – helping them become self-reliant individuals themselves.

The Don Bosco Center in Lawrenceburg, Indiana was established to build relationships between families and real, practical help. For first-generation college applicants, it provides invaluable assistance in navigating the often-complex college admissions process: creating college lists and essays; taking an eight-week Carnegie Test Prep course; filling out applications; securing grants and scholarships; transitioning successfully into higher education – the Don Bosco Scholars Program has already enabled 79 students to attend their desired schools!

Don Bosco Scholars

Don Bosco Center for Learning provides scholars and trainees with educational opportunities that have allowed them to break free of poverty, helping their family members do so as well. This is particularly evident in Guatemala, where 70% of rural citizens reside below the poverty line. Study opportunities enable these families to secure well-paying jobs that will allow them to afford school tuition fees for their children, medical care if necessary, basic food, and other daily needs for themselves and their dependents. Many trainees and working scholars even repay this charity by making donations later on.

St. John Bosco had an ambitious vision of education that would develop young men holistically – body, mind, heart, and spirit. He called this revolutionary approach his Preventive System, which included teaching with love, understanding, and empathy rather than force or intimidation.

Don Bosco Center for Learning’s mission is to ensure all people can access high-quality education. They fulfill this goal through their scholarship program, which awards grants to those who would otherwise not be able to afford college. Traditional and nontraditional students alike may apply; scholarship recipients must demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and desire to contribute positively to society in order to be eligible.

Don Bosco Community Center goes beyond its scholarship program in supporting individuals to fulfill their potential as productive and caring citizens through college readiness programs, early childhood education, STEM curriculums, summer camp services, and soup kitchen and food pantry services. Mercy College President Tim Hall was recently recognized for his contributions to Don Bosco by being honored with their Transformation in Education Award.

Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati (also referred to as Don Bosco Tech or simply Don Bosco Makati) is a Catholic educational institution established under Salesian tradition by Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in January 1954 during Fr. Carlo Braga’s term as Provincial of Salesian Province of Philippines.