Best Home Furnishings


Home furnishings can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any space. With many choices for purchasing furniture that suits your style and needs, finding furniture to improve your area shouldn’t be a chore.

Vermont Woods Studios crafts furniture in Shaker, Mission, and Art Deco styles – pieces designed to coordinate seamlessly with different interior design themes.

The Inside by Havenly

Heavenly is the world’s leading online interior design service and Reese Witherspoon’s go-to furniture provider. Their website connects you with a personal designer who can assist in anything from small room refreshes to complete renovations – and with affordable pricing that even allows Havenly promo code discounts!

Havenly designers are all professional and licensed, located within the US. This helps mitigate communication and time zone challenges when working with designers abroad and ensures they know their stuff. Havenly also requires their designers to attend design schools so you can trust them to know precisely what you need to do.

Once you select a designer, you can send photos of your space and explain your preferred style to them. They’ll create a design plan tailored specifically to you while offering alternative solutions if something doesn’t seem quite right – Havenly also provides a money-back guarantee should anything not meet your approval!

The Inside is a direct-to-consumer home furnishings brand that makes decorating easier online. Their fast turnaround on custom upholstery has over 100 iconic fabric options and access to on-demand manufacturers for quick production times.

Vermont Woods Studios

Peggy and Ken Farabaugh established Vermont Woods Studios to produce high-quality handmade hardwood furniture using eco-friendly methods that sustainably harvest wood. All pieces are made in Vermont through partnerships with local woodworkers; all timber comes from regional forests across North America that are handcrafted. Each piece also comes with a lifetime warranty.

This company’s mission is to save the rainforests in Vermont by working with local woodworkers to craft beautiful hardwood furniture pieces from sustainably sourced wood and lead environmental responsibility by planting trees to reforest areas damaged by illegal logging practices.

Vermont Woods Studios is a highly recommended online furniture retailer dedicated to sustainability and customer service excellence. Customers love Vermont Woods Studio products like Shaker, Mission, and Art Deco styles, which allow the natural beauty of wood to speak for itself, plus dining and bedroom sets explicitly tailored for every space they operate.


Medley Furniture may offer sleek, modern furniture made in America while being eco-friendly, using top-quality materials and customizable options like upholstery, finish color, cushion, and size customization.

Since 2005, Medley Furniture’s brothers have been crafting eco-friendly furniture with stylish appeal – their mission being to create pieces with environmentally sustainable packaging that stand the test of time and suit individual customer requirements. Furthermore, they provide free design services, so their work meets these specifications perfectly.

Furniture from this company can be delivered through a white glove service and customized to meet your delivery requirements. They use various materials in their pieces – family-friendly fabrics, natural wood, and bio-based finishes are just some of the materials they utilize – that help reduce environmental footprint while offering stylish pieces to choose from. Don’t wait! Get in touch today, and we can’t wait to help you find that perfect piece for your home.


Modloft furniture brand stands out as an innovator of modern designs, taking them one step further with each piece they produce. Based in Miami and founded by Ted Toledano – who credits Miami design as his source of inspiration – Modloft is committed to breaking away from what other brands may consider standard practice for modern home furnishings.

Toledano’s leadership has propelled them to become one of America’s premier luxury furniture makers. From their Worth Bed to their 2021 Carlisle sofa, this company’s pieces have become emblematic of contemporary home styles – like their Charles armchair. Their pieces seamlessly merge modern with mid-century styles without losing their unique identities.

Toledano takes great pride in offering some of the fastest custom order turnaround times in the industry, which means once you find something you love, it’s likely available for purchase within weeks instead of months due to working exclusively with US companies with highly efficient manufacturing processes.

Maiden Home

Maiden Home is a direct-to-consumer furniture brand that bypasses showrooms. Their pieces are designed in-house and constructed by skilled artisan craftsmen in North Carolina, resulting in designer-quality furniture at a fraction of the showroom price.

Nidhi Kapur founded her company to address her frustration when furnishing her new home; she struggled to find furniture providers who met all her criteria: quality, affordability, and transparency in the manufacturing process.

Maiden Home utilizes natural textiles and premium materials in their pieces, including organic cotton fabrics designed to stand up against wear and tear and sustainable forests-sourced woods and metals free of lead, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals. Maiden Home’s Sullivan sectional is one of their most beloved pieces, boasting multiple represented fabrics, including liquid-repellent pebbled leather. Furthermore, there are various sizes, from queen to California king, for optimal comfort. This sofa will bring elegance to any space, while its low profile makes it suitable for petite homeowners. Another top pick from the Wythe bed line, its minimal silhouette resting near the ground gives an effortless appearance that’s more relaxing than most mattresses.

The Appel Shop

If you’re searching for farmhouse-inspired furniture, The Appel Shop is an excellent source. As a small company that specializes in tables, desks, and more designed with farmhouse charm in mind – including custom sizes – The Appel Shop uses quality heirloom materials that will stand the test of time, with every piece carefully constructed to last forever – including inspecting every wood to see how its composition may shift with age; minor adjustments are then made accordingly to account for natural variations that might arise over time.

Best Home Furnishings has long been known for its commitment to quality furniture production. After over 55 years in business, their products include durable yet stylish furniture made with domestic hardwood frames kiln-dried for durability and high-density foams for comfort. Furthermore, all recliners use Leggett and Platt mechanisms produced here in America for extra comfort.

Although their prices may seem steep, they’re worth every penny if you want long-lasting furniture that will only get better with age. They have a Repair Don’t Replace program that helps save money in the long run; additionally, they offer Klarna payment plans so you can afford their products more efficiently.


Since 1962, Best Home Furnishings has been one of the largest furniture manufacturers in America. Produce high-quality pieces that reflect current trends while remaining classic, with customization options so you can find exactly what you want.

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