Best Hot Dogs Near Me in NYC


Regarding iconic NYC foods, bagels, pizza, and bodega coffee are surefire hits, but nothing beats a good hot dog to satisfy our snack cravings! In NYC’s five boroughs, you’ll find some fantastic hotdog carts serving them up, from red-and-yellow coaches to delis and even Venezuelan restaurants specializing in them!

An iconic Brooklyn Hot Dog Company frank served on a Rockland bakery bun with classic sauerkraut and Ba-Tampte’s mustard is an ideal lunch break choice, perfect for recession specials and chalky fruit drinks!

Schaller’s Stube

New York City offers many excellent places for enjoying a classic sausage in a bun, whether your preference lies with traditional or fusion styles. All five boroughs boast fantastic spots with traditional menus or innovative versions that bring something different and exciting.

Schaller’s Stube on the Upper East Side is an Upper East Side institution when it comes to hot dogs. Their approach is straightforward: one all-beef frank in a rock-land bakery bun topped off with your choice of toppings, such as sauerkraut and mustard, for an authentic Coney Island weenie experience.

Katz’s Deli Counter in Lower East Side is widely celebrated for its towering pastrami sandwiches, yet also offers an excellent all-beef hot dog encased in natural casing that snaps when bit into for maximum primary dog flavor and with its perfect combination of mustard and sauerkraut deli condiments.

While you might not think of Korean eateries when considering NYC’s best hot dogs, this inventive modern Korean eatery in Flushing does just that with its creative menu offerings, reimagining this staple food item. Enjoy anything from spicy Korean corn dogs to an eye-catching squid ink option.

At Broadway and 72nd Street lies an energetic neon-lit spot dedicated to classic greasy spoon hamburgers and New York-style hot dogs from yesteryear, known as Mr. Franks. Their classic all-beef franks come complete with the right amount of snap and are served with traditional condiments like sauerkraut and stewed onions – it remains an indispensable local institution that stays open late into the night and remains consistently packed.

Kings of Kobe

NYC offers delicious bites whether you’re enjoying baseball game flavors or sidewalk franks in summer – from kosher hotdogs and sausages to the fresh seafood of its restaurants – you won’t go hungry here! Below are a few of our picks!

Katz’s Deli

New York would not be complete without this Jewish deli’s legendary kosher corned beef, pastrami, and delicious old-school frank. For just $3.95, you can experience their ideal NYC Frankfurter ($3.95), complete with juicy meat juice and covered in plenty of crunchy cabbage leaves. If you can avoid peak tourist times when lines may form, this Lower East Side mainstay should appear on your itinerary!

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Greenpoint offers delicious all-beef grilled franks that are expertly prepared before your eyes, smoked over apple and hickory wood, and packed full of flavor. In addition, their sausages come from small New York State farms where 80 percent lean dry-aged beef and 20 percent Berkshire pork back fat have been combined.

Notoriously infamous Shake Shack may not be, but the delicious grilled burgers and sausages at this counter-only joint are just as fantastic. Try their famous cheeseburger, but don’t overlook their tasty sloppy joe or spicy Chicago dog either – each offers something great to choose from with excellent music playing in the background – making this place the perfect place for enjoying burgers with beer with friends – be sure to arrive early to grab a seat and order before the crowds show up!


Michael Quinn and Joe Quinn brought back Charles Feltman’s old-world recipe using sea salt and garlicky seasoning blend with delightful snappy skin that remains uncured and nitrate-free for their rendition of The Feltmans brand five years ago, creating a delectable hot dog with both nostalgic and contemporary flavors.

Feltman’s offers several topping options, from unusual kimchee relish and Japanese Kewpie mayo to traditional sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar-laced mustard. But for an exceptional experience, enjoy it on a potato bun with sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar-infused mustard! Feltman’s founders, the Quinn brothers, hope their hot dogs can inspire families to eat natural foods!

They’ve introduced a grilled version of their famous frank to their menu as an added treat. Made with hormone- and antibiotic-free beef from animals raised humanely on natural diets, the resultant dogs are far healthier than the over-processed wieners contributing to America’s obesity crisis.

The brothers are spreading the word about their product and hope to open a restaurant in NYC soon. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has already started carrying it! In the meantime, find them at local events and online – you can even order some Feltman’s Franks directly! They ship nationwide!

Crif Dogs

As New York is famed for its classic cuisine, one cannot overlook hot dogs as an essential staple of New York. From dedicated frank shops and food trucks to street cart vendors that provide this treat on every corner of NYC – finding your favorite will surely satisfy those snack cravings!

Crif Dogs has long been popular with St. Mark locals for serving up stoner-friendly concoctions, and it’s no secret why. Their boiled Sabretts feature crisp exteriors topped with just the right combination of toppings, including their signature Spicy Redneck dog (composed of house dog wrapped in bacon with chili, coleslaw, and jalapenos).

This East Village staple stays open until 4 a.m. on weekends and 2 a.m. during the week and is always filled with young drunks. Their menu has a countercultural theme with dishes like the Spicy Redneck and Tsunami house dogs filled with teriyaki sauce, pineapple chunks, green onions, and kimchee, as well as Chang: bacon-wrapped kosher dog topped with kimchee. Indulgent combinations like Good Morning with fried egg and melted cheese; Crusty comes with deep-fried smoked dog and tater tots!

Greenpoint Spot, known for its massive, succulent wagyu beef hotdogs, is famed for its epically large and juicy hot dogs made with premium-grade beef. You can opt for one topped with kraut and relish or go all-out and order one of their more extravagant options – complete with their signature shiny mirrored sleeves that make eating them easy while playing some games on their Pac-Man table!


New York City is well known for its bagels, pizza, and bodega coffee, but it also has some of the finest hot dogs. From gourmet varieties to the iconic NYC frank, you’ll be able to find delicious hot dogs almost everywhere you turn – but for something extra memorable, try one of these high-end hotdogs near me in NYC.

Frankel’s is an engaging homage to classic NYC Jewish delis, offering traditional dishes and sandwiches along with their delicious all-beef hot dog ($3.67) – its meat is perfectly charred while its fresh cabbage provides tanginess that compliments its soft bun – it pairs wonderfully well with Frankel’s pastrami and corned beef sandwiches that they are famed for!

Rudy’s is an iconic New York City establishment known for its simple yet tasty franks. Each one is carefully grilled to achieve that irresistibly crisp bite and then covered in plenty of mustard and relish for maximum enjoyment. While Rudy’s food may be pricey, its quality meat makes up for any perceived premium price point with an unrivaled experience worth every penny.

Mischa is an exotic detour from chef Alex Stupak’s four-location neo-Mexican Empellon empire. Here, his Italian and Ukrainian ancestry meets Asian and Eastern European cuisine for an unconventional menu that features the Mischa wiener as its centerpiece. Still, traditional menu items like corn dogs or squid ink dogs may also appeal.