Best Hatsune Miku – Nee Summer


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An 18-year-old high school student fantasizes about his new neighbor and gets caught peeping on her. What follows are several sexual situations that become explicit.

Pretty X Cation

An unknown organization threatens the world with its strange devices and henchmen, while friends use their unique skills to fight back against it and uncover secrets from their pasts. Available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

5pb has announced they are porting both Lovely X Cation games onto PlayStation Vita as part of an all-in-one package, adding some additional features like AR camera mode and the Lovely Call feature, which lets players choose an individual heroine’s nickname to chat with. There will also be more scenarios and main events.

The second game in this package will introduce a QR code feature, enabling players to take pictures with their favorite girls and save them as wallpapers. In addition, Walking Talk lets them go for walks with them when romantic relationships develop between themselves and girls they like.

Nee Summer

Nee Summer tells the tale of high school student Yuuta, who spends his summer with his older female cousin Kei to gain tutoring support to enroll at the same college as a girl he fell for instantly. While comedy is decent here, watching Kei beat up Yuuta quickly becomes tiresome, while its ero scenes never quite reach the level of quality found in better Nukige films.

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Kiriha’s Maid

This 3D Hentai anime is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates maids and wants an unparalleled sex experience with them. It stars a beautiful blonde who doesn’t hesitate to take control of one man’s cock and give him an unforgettable climax experience with plenty of nipples to tease him with and an impressive monster cock that perfectly compliments it all.

Kiriha’s Maid tells the tale of Kiriha, an energetic maid who can bring life and excitement into any environment she touches. So talented is she at her job that she longs to become a full-time maid, hoping that Eishun can help her fulfill this ambition and turn their obsession with maids into something worthwhile for both of them. Despite its seemingly absurd premise, Kiriha’s Maid proves entertaining and captivating.

Kiriha’s Maid has made our list of best henta i anime and with good reason. The story begins when Nui Hanamitani inherits from her family an antique white obi thought to bring good luck during its founding – yet in truth, it serves another purpose altogether! In reality, it acts as an unwitting tsugumomo disguise!

Once she acquires an obi, its nature starts to alter as if it is female in appearance. It gradually gains power as time progresses – eventually giving rise to the resurrection of objects and people who had died.

Yuuta unleashes one of the best scenes in this hentai anime when he seduces Chiyo while she still wears her maid uniform! First, he starts by cumming, before taking her bra off to tease her nipples before finally stripping her naked for more sexy action!

This hentai anime differs from Kaede to Suzu because it involves threesomes between maids. Akina and Number Two take part in lesbian sex while riding their masters’ dicks – they lick each other’s pussies while engaging in double blowjobs and tittyfucks before pumping each other full of cum.