The Field Trip to the 17th Door Haunted House


Since 2015, 17th Door has made waves as Southern California’s only mainstream extreme haunted house. Now, they are taking it one step further with The Field Trip experience!

This add-on introduces a prison-themed maze. A few rooms, such as Circle Shocks, Truck Smash, and Gas Chamber, remain, but most rooms are brand new.


The 17th Door is an immersive haunted attraction founded by Robbie and Heather Luther and their team, and it first made headlines in 2015 when its storyline caught everyone by surprise with its truly innovative, cutting-edge, and emotionally charged experience. Guests were transported directly into an immersive theatrical horror experience where they may be electrocuted, hit with projectiles, or injured – they even offered an option called “MERCY!” in case one room proved too intense!

Since its conception, The Luthers attraction has expanded into an all-out maze encompassing multiple scenes, delivering unique scares, all expertly themed to rival some of the largest theme parks. Their latest offering Crybaby returns to Perpetuum Penitentiary, telling the story of Paula, who murdered her infant after being sexually raped and left alone with it as a caretaker.

This year’s installment boasts an even richer experience than last, thanks to the Luthers having had time to fine-tune and refine their systems. Of course, the beloved ball pit makes its return, but now offers more nerve-wracking thrills and anxiety-inducing scenarios than before. Also featured is a shaky floor, which forces guests to walk carefully, as well as an interactive video screen that turns visitors against one another.

Although each scene still maintains an underlying storyline, this year, it takes a back seat to an onslaught of scares and physical challenges. This approach proves effective; its bizarre sights and unsavory characters are enough to send visitors into psychosis; furthermore, each room’s machinery is astonishingly sophisticated yet perfectly integrated into each scene.

Be mindful that The 17th Door covers highly controversial themes that may be distressing to some visitors; torture, rape, murder, and abuse all feature prominently within its narrative without detracting from its overall excitement.


The 17th Door is an immersive horror experience so frightening that guests must sign a waiver before entering. Once inside, guests will journey through 17 rooms – each more terrifying than the next – with only one piece of advice: to escape, shout “mercy.” Designed to be as realistic as possible and unsuitable for children.

Horror experience inspired by Scott Nichols’ book and set in Perpetuum Penitentiary, featuring horrific monsters who seek to escape prison into the outside world, forcing players to battle them and survive until the release date in 2014. The game can be played on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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Locked Up

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It may be short, but that is because it does not need to be longer.

The Field Trip

The 17th Door is an Orange County haunted house so terrifying visitors must sign a waiver before entering. The experience lasts about 30 minutes and comprises 17 rooms that gradually increase in intensity over time. Along the way are scary monsters and disturbing subject matter such as eating disorders, suicide, and substance abuse; last year alone, 3822 “mercies” were spoken through its maze; it is not for the faint-hearted!

The 17th Door offers veterans, military personnel, and students special discounts. To take advantage of them, show your valid ID at our stores or online and show proof of eligibility – these discounts can be applied towards tickets, decorations, or costumes! In addition to these offers, The 17th Door also hosts its Veteran’s Day sale during the week following Halloween!

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