Top 5 Best Scuba Masks


Your mask is your window into the underwater world, so finding one that fits comfortably and looks good should be a top priority. Look for sleek designs with replaceable straps and buckles for durability.

This mask’s medium volume can help alleviate feelings of claustrophobia, while its double feather skirt ensures a secure seal for maximum comfort (the last thing any diver wants is an unsecured seal!). Plus, there’s nothing worse than diving with an uncomfortable mask!

1. Cressi Big Eyes Mask

The Cressi Big Eyes Mask is an innovative take on an industry standard, boasting an expansive field of view, comfortable fit, and anti-fog technology. Available in various colors with an optional mirrored lens version for a trendy look!

Liquid seal silicone offers unsurpassed comfort and an ideal fit, while its frame features liquid seal technology to quickly adjust and secure without leaving marks on your face. Plus, its raked lenses position closer to your face than standard masks to facilitate downward visibility so you can more easily see your gear!

This mask is designed to enable underwater filming with GoPro cameras or similar models, featuring a bungee cord attached to its rim for tightening it against water entry during filming sessions. Furthermore, its smaller size makes it suitable for those with smaller faces.

Fogging can be an issue for divers, particularly when wearing sunscreen or other facial products before diving. The Calibro mask has a unique fog stop system – a third seal around its nose pocket that prevents cold air from reaching your face and fogging up lenses – providing excellent performance in warm waters and for snorkeling, free diving, and pool recreation activities.

Another stand-out feature of this mask is that it can be worn comfortably with prescription lenses – something many scuba divers struggle with finding in an act that allows them to read their dive computer or SCUBA manual without restricting vision. Luckily, it is compatible with most prescription and contact lenses, making this high-quality, durable mask worth its price.

2. Tusa TM-5700 Liberator Plus

The Liberator Plus mask is attractive for scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, and spearfishing. It features two high-clarity tempered glass lenses arranged symmetrically in two frames that come in various colors and is equipped with a crystal silicone skirt that conforms to facial features without pinching the skin or leaving marks. Hypoallergenic straps have ratchet adjustment systems that pivot and swivel for secure fit; low internal volume prevents fogging while easy water release allows it to clear itself quickly; finally, it boasts a wide field of vision.

The Liberator may be more expensive than some of its peers on this list, but it does boast some desirable features that make it worthwhile. These include an attachment point for GoPro cameras to make filming underwater easy and an optional polarized lens option to reduce glare and enhance visibility in murky waters.

Tusa Freedom Ceos mask is a highly comfortable and fashionable solution for people needing prescription lenses, featuring two symmetrical lenses with detachable hinges for cleaning or fitting various stock prescription lenses. Made of tempered glass lenses with a soft silicone skirt conforming perfectly to face shape for leak-free fit – the only downside is a slightly higher price than some of these options, but still an excellent purchase!

As with all diving equipment, scuba divers must test out masks before purchasing one. Covers come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, you must find one that fits you best and choose a strap length and anti-fog treatment that meets your requirements. After every dive use and storage out of direct sunlight, remember to rinse and clean the mask afterward; doing so will extend its lifespan and look fantastic on the dive deck – for best results, use fresh, clean water when rinsing!

3. Hollis M1

Hollis M1 is a frameless mask with one lens that provides distortion-free underwater visibility. Utilizing 100% pure silicone skirt seals that seal tightly around the face while remaining super flexible, the Hollis M1 won’t pinch your nose or tweak any other part of the face easily; adjustable buckles make this mask easy for anyone to fit comfortably on any facial structure and adjust according to face type and size. Crafted by Saint Gobain glassmakers with low iron content, it ensures excellent light transmission and reduced green tint.

This mask’s wide field of view makes it the ideal companion for snorkeling and scuba diving, while its crystal clear glass helps you observe aquatic life more clearly. Plus, its lightweight yet comfortable design fits comfortably on even beard-covered faces!

This mask is excellent for beginners as its integrated buckle system makes tightening easy without losing straps and fine-tuning sashes without the risk of losing them or equalization difficulties. Plus, its ear pockets help keep water out while diving.

One drawback to this mask is its tendency to fog, though you can remedy that with anti-fog sprays and treatments. Furthermore, its straps feature small teeth that may slip when wet from sweat or condensation, so tightening regularly should you wish to prevent slipping or loosening while diving.

Freedivers and spearfishers often prefer framed masks for optimal freediving or spearfishing experiences, while recreational divers will likely appreciate the lightweight feel of a quality frameless mask that fits their face correctly. Finding the ideal front can make or break your scuba experience, so take your time choosing one – don’t be intimidated if it takes you some time – ensure it will stand the test of time and is worth your money.

4. Aqua Lung Teknika Double Lens

Built for technical diving, this twin-lens mask provides rugged durability. Constructed from shock-absorbing techno-polymer frame material, with stainless steel AISI 304 bolts and screws for extra strength against saltwater corrosion exposure, as well as a dark skirt to reduce distracting side light during long dives reducing eye fatigue on extended dives.

This mask features a soft silicone skirt that fits comfortably over most faces, feeling great against your skin. Its wide headpiece and buckles fold flat for convenient transportation in BC pockets as a backup mask. Furthermore, its comfortable strap features oversized buttons that are easy to press, even with gloves. Again, its joints connect the front to its belt and rotate up and down as well as in and out for pinch-free fitting, and quick push button activation is fast in making adjustments, while its counterposed push button activation keeps everything securely in place once set.

Tempered glass lenses ensure excellent clarity while protecting them against cracking or shattering from stress or pressure, meeting ANSI standards for protection. This mask meets these standards.

Another factor that makes the Reveal X2 mask an excellent backup is that it doesn’t fog up and has an airtight seal, as well as being very lightweight and lacking internal volume compared to the other options on this list. While slightly larger than usual masks, it won’t take up as much room on your face as average shows do.

Tech divers may find this mask particularly ideal, though recreational divers may also appreciate its quality and size. Unfortunately, its only real drawback is being more prominent than usual and taking up more room in your pocket; therefore, some may choose not to use it as their primary mask, though a spare would undoubtedly come in handy. Plus, it’s pretty costly relative to its peers on this list but worth investing in!