How to Find the Best Seats for Disney on Ice


Attendees highly recommend front-row seats or rinkside seating to create an engaging experience, but if these options are unavailable or cost too much, consider lower-tier seats in rows 7-10 as alternative solutions.

Making you feel part of the show and close to the stage is critical for creating an immersive experience. Try booking tickets in the first two rows for maximum fun.

Front Row

An ideal way to experience Disney on Ice shows with young children is to secure front-row seats with unobstructed performers’ views at an expensive and difficult-to-secure event. Although these tickets can be costly and difficult to secure, front-row seating allows children almost to reach out and touch Mickey and friends – an unforgettable experience that is sure to enchant both them and you alike!

If you can’t afford front-row tickets, look for access in the lower tier closer to the ice. Avoid tickets in the first row as characters often skate that way and may turn away from you; we recommend rows 7 to 10 as having optimal viewing experiences.

Disney on Ice shows are typically an hour and a half long, including a 15-minute intermission. A good seating plan should enable you to stay seated throughout the show without getting up for concessions or restroom breaks; it is also advantageous if bringing small children so that when intermission comes, you can quickly exit.

For an up-close view of the action, choose rinkside seats. These flat seating arrangements at ground-floor level provide direct access to the ice. They feature three sections; two running along its long sides and one along its short sides – all offering excellent overall views of what’s happening!

If you want a closer experience, aim for tickets in the first few rows of the lower tier. Although further back than rinkside seats, these provide great views at much cheaper prices. To maximize affordability while viewing quality, try seating between Rows 7-10 for optimal viewing quality and 10.

Lower Tier

Disney on Ice is one of the world’s most beloved shows, entertaining children and adults since 1981. Since then, its popularity has only increased, with films like Frozen and Moana being adapted into its productions. Unfortunately, tickets can be costly or complex for those on tight budgets, yet there are ways of finding budget-friendly seats at Disney on Ice.

As much as possible, opt for rinkside tickets – these seats provide the closest and liveliest experience and clear views of actors and performers alike. However, lower-tier centers may still offer great ideas.

The lower tier of an arena typically features flat seats that are less tiring than those found in its upper level, divided into three sections along both long sides and short sides of the ice. If possible, try sitting in one of the first few rows in this lower tier to avoid being directly next to other fans while taking advantage of reduced prices compared with rinkside seats.

Ideal seats should be found near the middle of each row for optimal viewing experience. Regarding the lower tier seating arrangement, centers from the seventh to tenth rows offer excellent views; if this option is unavailable, opt for seats further back, which still provide unique sight lines of the stage.

Disney on Ice is an action-packed show, so it is recommended to bring a blanket or extra sweater in case of cold temperatures, wear comfortable shoes, and bring earplugs if traveling with children who might sing loud Disney songs; additionally, bringing binoculars is advised for viewing performers more clearly from higher tier seats.

Upper Tier

Disney on Ice is a trendy event, making tickets challenging to obtain. If you can’t secure front-row seats, consider selecting lower-tier seating – it will offer better views without breaking the bank! For an upgrade option with premium padded seating and lounge access, and early entry to the arena, consider booking VIP seats; they will get you premium treatment in terms of premium padded seating and early entrance.

Purchase tickets in the center section of the arena for optimal audio acoustics – closer to both ice and stage will allow you to hear every note and melody, transporting you into another world of wonderment. When traveling with children, bring earplugs to prevent them from shouting out Disney songs during the performance!

Upper Tier seats are slightly further back than those in the rinkside area yet still provide a clear view of the show. Unfortunately, being elevated somewhat might pose issues for people with weak eyesight or fear of heights.

Aisle seats should also be considered when planning to bring children to a show, as they provide easy access to concessions and bathrooms – an important consideration when you bring young ones along! You could also consider aisle seats as an excellent way to reduce distraction from other audience members; ideally, book aisle seats from rows 10+ to prevent obstruction in your view.

Tickets to Disney on Ice performances can be found both at the box office and online, usually going on sale a few days before each performance and sometimes later through secondary market tickets, which tend to be much cheaper than front-row seats and can provide a good alternative for families who cannot afford front-row seating.

Aisle Seats

Disney on Ice is an essential family event. Not only does it create unforgettable memories and quality time together, but seeing all your favorite characters up close makes for a thrilling show! For optimal viewing experience and to maximize enjoyment if possible, front-row seats provide total views and closer proximity to actors – but be mindful that front-row tickets may cost more. If that’s out of your budget, lower-tier seats between rows 7-10 may provide unobstructed views without too much breaking up the action.

One advantageous seating choice is near the end of one long side of the arena, as this will expand your view and help you see all of the performers better. Corner seats tend to offer poorer views of the ice – if you have children who might otherwise struggle to see, bring binoculars so they can see everything better!

Plan when searching for tickets to Disney on Ice shows; many sell out quickly, and access should be purchased as soon as they go on sale; otherwise, wait a few days until show day – the tickets may drop in price due to increased demand!

If you want the best seats at Disney on Ice, choose seats in the front row of the rinkside section. They provide an ideal view and allow your children to interact with cast members directly. If that’s impossible, try opting for lower-tier seats in the middle row instead, or for an elevated perspective, choose seats in the upper tier – although these may be too high for younger children to appreciate!