Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door


Safeguard your flock of chickens with an automated solar powered chicken coop door that opens automatically at sunrise and closes again at sunset, keeping predators at bay during the nighttime hours.

User-friendly controls make setting the timer and light sensor simple, and installation is quick and painless.

Solar Panel

Some solar automatic coop doors utilize DC power adapters that plug directly into standard outlets, enabling use even on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t shine. Others include battery backup systems, which store energy generated during sunny times to provide reliable power sources during less sunny spells. When selecting one with backup batteries, ensure it includes overcharge protection to safeguard cells against damage and secure long-term performance.

No matter which solar panel type you opt for, it must be placed in an area receiving direct sunlight so as to generate enough power for your chicken door’s operation. You could also purchase multiple panels if desired for greater flexibility and to increase power generation; most manufacturers advise placing them along north-facing walls for optimal results.

Most solar-powered coop doors also include light sensors to help control when the door opens or closes, depending on outside lighting levels. When sunlight dims, these sensors shut the coop door automatically, while when brightness rises, they open it to allow chickens out. Some models even feature timers so you can program when your door should open or close.

Many people choose a solar-powered coop door because it provides cost savings while protecting the flock from predators. Predators can easily dig underneath fences or carry away young chickens on their backs, so keeping your coop protected at all times is vitally important. Some solar-powered doors also have remote controls to make maintaining safe chickens easier when you are not around.

Some solar-powered coop doors feature a SMART anti-pinch function to protect your chickens from being injured by the closing mechanism, which is particularly helpful during extreme conditions, such as freezing temperatures.


Solar-powered chicken coop doors provide an automated solution for keeping your flock safe in their coop. Utilizing energy from the sun, the door opens or closes itself at sunrise or sunset – ideal for busy schedules that need time-saving solutions while protecting their flock against predators or animals that could get inside.

Your solar-powered coop door options can be tailored to suit your specific needs, with some models featuring light sensors and timers for setting opening/closing times, remote controls for activating it from up to 120ft away, as well as light sensors to detect sunlight levels. These systems work best when installed in areas where there is plenty of natural sunlight.

Suppose the power goes out on a cloudy day. In that case, many solar chicken coop doors come equipped with backup battery systems to store any extra energy generated during sunny hours and keep your coop operational throughout. This provides one of the most cost-effective methods of powering your cell while giving you peace of mind that you won’t get trapped inside when night falls outside.

One option for providing power to your coop without using solar energy is purchasing an intelligent plug-in that connects directly to your smartphone. These easy-to-install devices work great if your pen has access to electricity; however, as they don’t rely on sunlight for energy production, they won’t operate if the power goes out.

An AC-powered model connects directly to your home electrical system and operates either via a timer or a manual switch, saving money over time but being less energy-efficient than solar models in terms of stormy conditions or power outages. A hybrid power option may also prove effective for areas with unpredictable weather patterns, providing the best results with both solar panels and AC units working together for optimal results.

Light Sensor

Solar-powered coop doors often include light sensors or programmable timers that enable you to control when and how often the door opens/closes, providing your chickens with convenience and security at all times. Furthermore, using less electricity helps lower energy costs!

If your coop is located where sunlight is limited, opting for a model that operates with a timer and battery instead of sunlight might be ideal. These types of doors offer continuous operation with little maintenance required; however, be wary not to overcharge or let them run out entirely, as these batteries should have an indicator that warns when there is low power.

Omlet offers another fantastic option with their automatic coop door, the Omlet Eglu. Constructed of high-grade aluminum for maximum resistance against rust and corrosion, installation is easy using included mounting accessories and comes complete with timer/light sensor capability, allowing it to open/close automatically at sunrise/sunset, as well as manual operation options if you prefer.

One major drawback of this type of coop door is that it may not function effectively during extreme cold. You will need to ensure your coop is adequately insulated, or you could face frozen doors that won’t open. Furthermore, its light sensor may be activated by bright lights such as moonlight or passing car headlights; this could give predators more accessible access to sneak into your coop at night and steal food supplies from within it.

Solar-powered solutions offer a reliable and environmentally friendly method to power coop doors. When selecting one for yourself, be mindful that both solar panels and portable power stations must produce enough energy to power it all; Jackery Solar Generator’s combination of solar panels with its Explorer mobile power station ensures sufficient energy production to power not only coop doors but other electrical devices as well.


If you want to protect your chickens from predators but lack the time or energy to open and close their coop door manually, an automatic coop door may be the perfect solution. These doors are powered by solar panels or batteries and controlled using light sensors or timers – ideal for both plastic and wooden coops/henhouses alike! Easy installation and operation will spare you from having to get up early or rush home after work to close your door before dark.

Solar-powered automatic coop doors feature an integrated solar panel to charge their battery during daylight hours, while most models also include a charge controller to prevent overcharging. Some models allow users to plug their battery directly into a power outlet for more accessible travel or areas with unpredictable weather; solar doors are less costly than battery-operated doors but require more extended battery life.

Battery-operated automatic coop doors use rechargeable batteries to power their control box and motor. Many models feature an indicator to let you know when it’s time for new batteries. While battery doors may work effectively in homes with reliable electricity supplies, they may not perform as efficiently during extreme weather conditions or extended absences from home.

AC-powered automatic coop doors connect directly to your electrical system to power their motor and control box. They’re ideal for farms that have access to reliable electricity, providing a cost-effective means to automate their coop. AC systems tend to be more reliable than solar ones when operating, even when clouds or snow cover are present – giving you peace of mind.

If the expense of purchasing a solar or battery-operated automatic coop door concerns you, an AC-powered model may be your ideal solution. These easy-to-plug-in models won’t be affected by inconsistent sunlight or weather changes; however, these do have certain drawbacks, such as having to install an electrician-approved circuit breaker as well as additional maintenance required to keep it functioning optimally.