Solar Premier Cup 2023-2024


Premier Cup is an annual pre-season tournament hosted by Solar Soccer Club that offers clubs from Texas valuable experience ahead of their 2023-2024 club seasons. ECNL teams that have excelled locally participate as part of this exciting competition.

International stars unleashed their talent on Day 2 of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Darwin, shaking up the CSIRO Cruiser Class competition. We take a look at what lies in store.

What is the Solar Premier Cup?

The Solar District Cup challenges student teams to design solar-plus-storage systems for mixed-use districts or campuses with increased distributed energy development in mind. Most divisions provide couples with a defined district use case containing electricity load data that they must include in their designs.

The competition also provides a one-semester/two-quarter division for students unable to compete over an entire competition term. Details regarding divisions, submission requirements, judging evaluation, and more can be found in the official Class of 2023-2024 Rules.

Texas Premier Cup provides clubs from Texas with an opportunity to gain invaluable pre-season experience by competing against some of the best college soccer programs nationwide.

What is the Solar Premier Cup’s Purpose?

The Solar Premier Cup provides clubs with an invaluable pre-season opportunity. Hosted by Solar Soccer Club and boasting top-level competition in excellent facilities, all teams will be guaranteed three matches.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge enthuses brilliant young minds from around the globe to push technological innovation to its limits and come up with solutions for future mobility, including electrifying automobiles. Teams race solar cars powered solely by sunlight in an effort to reimagine transportation and energy supply in our globalized world.

The 2023 Solar District Cup presents multidisciplinary collegiate student teams with the challenge of designing and modeling optimized distributed energy systems that integrate solar, storage, and other technologies across a city or campus district. Students may either select from one of several use cases provided by the competition or submit their district use case of choice as their use case in which to compete.

What are the Solar Premier Cup’s Rules?

The Solar Premier Cup is an open event, accepting teams from USYS, US Club, and USA rosters. Teams will be flighted based on information provided in their application as well as knowledge of division directors of each group. Every effort will be made to schedule games so teams are on equal rest; however, due to limited fields or weather conditions, this may be impossible.

The Premier Cup provides clubs throughout Texas the chance to gain invaluable pre-season experience as they prepare for the 2023-2024 season. Don’t miss this ultimate pre-season tournament! Plus, Premier members gain access to player rankings, expert analysis, recruiting updates, event coverage and event coverage!