Solo Touch – The Best Volleyball Stats Apps For Your Laptop


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SideTrakAE Solo Touch Pro HD 15.8″ Freestanding Portable Monitor

Portable monitors are an ideal way to increase productivity when working remotely. Their thin form factor fits easily in most laptop bags, and most come with all of the cables needed to connect it to your computer. , there are a few things to keep in mind before buying one: compatibility with operating systems, as well as resolution and color reproduction, should all be taken into consideration.

The Sidetrack Solo Touch portable monitor is a freestanding mobile display designed to add another screen to your laptop computer. Boasting a full HD display with an antiglare screen, 800:1 contrast ratio, 8-bit color depth display, and an easy stand for convenient placement, this monitor makes your task of adding a second display more straightforward than ever!

Solo Touch’s touchscreen functionality makes this monitor an excellent travel companion, enabling you to move through tabs and documents quickly with just a tap of your fingertip. Furthermore, its lightweight construction makes it ideal for traveling.

The Solo Touch is an excellent solution for remote workers looking to increase productivity. Easy setup and compatibility with most laptops make this lightweight desk perfect. However, its lack of an internal speaker means a separate purchase may be required if desired.

As a secondary monitor for my MacBook Pro, the Solo Touch proved extremely helpful. The monitor’s HD display was clear and vibrant, while its touch functionality made navigation of documents, emails, and chat windows simple. Overall, it’s an affordable addition that offers excellent value.

SoloStats TOUCH

SoloStats TOUCH is the top app requested by volleyball coaches. It enables coaches to record player and stat data for every drill, activity, or match they conduct – at no charge and with basic reporting capabilities built-in! Use WebReports to sync TOUCH stats with video for a faster breakdown of practice videos by player/touch aggregation.

Capture in-rally stats like pass rating, attack, and dig attempts more easily and sync them with your team roster in SoloStats 123 or LIVE for complete analysis. TOUCH makes data capture effortless: name the activity being taken before selecting players to start recording with just a tap on “Begin Capture.”

TOUCH was designed by the same coaches who created Rotate123, the world’s premier app for automated rotation planning. As one of the most widely-used volleyball stat tracking applications available today and recommended by both AVCA and The Art of Coaching Volleyball, TOUCH remains one of its kind today.

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SoloStats VIDEO

SoloStats VIDEO is an app developed specifically to track player actions during video matches or practices. With an intuitive user interface that’s simple to grasp and use, this stat tracking and video breakdown app offers coaches the chance to observe player movement from match or practice footage. Plus, it boasts an impressive feature set that enables coaches to watch specific player clips from games or practices!

This app features a customizable spreadsheet-like grid that displays all 57 stat actions and can be tailored to meet a coach’s exact specifications. It includes some commonly used stats preconfigured so coaches who had previously taken paper stats can quickly switch over to electronic stat taking; moreover, its video sync capability lets coaches quickly break down practice/scrimmage video by player and touch.

Coaches are looking to track player and team performance at tryouts, practices, or scrimmages. It is easy to set up and can be used right out of the box; it is free for capture and primary reporting purposes – it also offers the ability to merge stats from TOUCH with LIVE and 123 to produce more comprehensive reports.

SoloStats 123

Your volleyball coach or fan needs a statistics app in order to maximize performance, analyze mid-game adjustments, and track progression over time. Apps such as SofaScore: Live Score App, SoloStats 123 Volleyball, 365Scores: Live Scores & News, and Essential Stats Volleyball are great choices when looking to enhance the game.

SoloStats 123 Volleyball is a volleyball stats app designed to assist coaches and players alike with improving their games by tracking individual and team performance. Available for Android and iOS devices with an intuitive user interface, making it simple even for non-technical users to use, plus advanced reports and analysis tools that help identify areas for improvement.

SoloStats 123’s free version offers all of the critical stats needed. It enables you to track up to 10 teams and an unlimited number of matches, with your stats automatically backed up and auto-synchronized with others in SoloStats LIVE for additional in-rally stats and an improved app interface.

To use the app, just tap on any player to enter their stats; for example, if Megan sets a ball that Beth uses to kill, the app will assign her as an assist. Furthermore, you can create team-specific setting styles, so every team member sets different kinds of balls when setting.

MemuPlay is an excellent alternative to Bluestacks for Windows users looking for an alternative emulator. It is lightweight yet provides full support for high-end applications like PUBG, Mini Militia, and Temple Run; moreover, it is free to download with a list of installed applications on its home screen.

SoloStats LIVE

SoloStats LIVE was developed by the same coaches behind Rotate123. As a free tool for taking stats and monitoring an unlimited number of teams, its focus lies on tracking actions that result in points for or against. By tracking actions that lead directly to points being scored or lost, this tool provides opportunities to convert losses into victories. Additionally, it includes rally stats such as pass rating, attack/dig attempts/blocking stats.

This app is both simple and incredibly powerful, offering incredible features such as viewing individual player performance compared to the national average, seeing which teams are struggling, and providing detailed first ball side out, dig, and kill statistics to help improve the setter’s efficiency. Data can easily be exported in various formats for analysis.

As one of the premier volleyball statistic apps, VolleyStat stands out from others with features that set it apart, such as its ability to sort and analyze data in an Excel-like format, making it a valuable tool for coaches. Furthermore, its automatic backup to WebReports enables multiple saving of your data at various locations, so there’s never any risk of it getting lost, while supporting export to Excel, Maxpreps Presto Sports, Hudl TeamSnap as well.

SoloStats stands out from most Android apps by being explicitly optimized for desktop use. It utilizes a high-quality graphics engine to produce a prominent image and includes two display modes – Fullscreen and Smallscreen. Furthermore, its Hi-Z instrument input makes connecting electric guitars easy, while its dynamic gain halos allow you to set levels without altering tone quickly.

SoloStats on PC can be easily installed using a third-party emulator like MEmu Play, which offers a flexible and quick gameplay experience. Follow the steps below for installation on your computer: