Revit House Model Free Download


Revit families are project-specific elements that can be loaded into projects. Each category offers different elements with distinct properties; for instance, rectangular columns come in multiple varieties.

This book uses a project-based approach to introduce Autodesk Revit’s architectural tools by building a single-family residence. Additionally, access is given to video training as well as detailed explanations of each tool feature.

Smart BIM Library

The Smart BIM Library allows architects, engineers, and other designers to easily access CAD drawings, Revit models, building products, and LEED reporting capabilities for design decisions. All models can be previewed before downloading; furthermore, the site features various tools that aid designers, such as a CAD detail library, SpecWizard tool, and LEED reporting capabilities.

The Smart BIM Library features an extensive collection of Revit families approved by manufacturers, making it easier to locate architectural 3D models that match what is needed quickly. As one of the most significant resources online for BIM 3D models, its catalog provides users with instantaneous results for what they are searching for.

Astute BIM Library allows users to quickly download Revit families for their project, which are compatible with Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and SketchUp software programs, as well as free generic Revit families that can assist with design. The Smart BIM Library also features an extensive archive of generic Revit families for use during design processes.

BIM objects are an effective means of conveying building data to architects and engineers. They can provide detailed information about rooms, spaces, equipment, and systems within buildings, helping team members locate necessary data more quickly while also helping ensure proper implementation of strategies within structures and reducing maintenance costs.

NBS National BIM Library

The NBS National BIM Library is the UK’s premier collection of generic and manufactured BIM objects, making its database readily accessible online for architects and engineers to specify products in construction projects. Its digital 3-D format gives designers information about components in buildings, helping with collaboration and coordination while streamlining data integration into project timelines.

Through its patented technology, BIM components allow manufacturers to transform 2D CAD designs into high-quality 3D models for use by designers during the design process. BIM components can then be dragged and dropped into plans and models quickly while also being linked directly to specifications and geometries to minimize clashes; moreover, its model allows products to be assessed for quality, safety, and environmental impacts before being released to production.

The NBS National BIM Library prides itself on providing architects and engineers with detailed technical and performance data about all its products, helping them quickly identify those best suited to their projects. Metrotile UK Ltd’s Aerona3 R32 roof tiles can now be found within this library, allowing designers maximum exposure at the point of specification; furthermore, they are linked directly to specifications provided by NBS as well as Toolkit to help move projects along further.


Polantis is a free BIM 3D model library with an expansive selection of manufacturer content and user-generated shared models from manufacturers and users. In addition, this site features BIM objects, BIM spec sheets, educational podcasts, and collaborative forums, providing architects, engineers, designers, and contractors alike an ideal resource to visualize architectural ideas while streamlining the construction process from start to finish.

Revit models from Polantis can be downloaded for free, provided users adhere to copyrights and licensing agreements. The site reserves the right to remove any files or content that violate copyrights, while users must not resell, redistribute, or use these files commercially.

This website offers free Revit families designed by former architects. Additionally, BIMsmith Forge allows users to compile floor, wall, ceiling, and roof assemblies layer by layer. Finally, private cloud storage for Revit families and configurations that appeal to users provides easy access whenever needed.

At no time shall Polantis or its affiliate entities (including BIMobject Group) be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages of any nature related to this website, its use, or any linked resources accessed via it; even if warned about their possibility.


Modular is a BIM library offering an abundance of manufacturer content and user-created Revit families from manufacturers. In addition, photo galleries and educational podcasts help users better understand products and features. This site serves architects and 3D artists looking to save time downloading top-quality Revit families quickly.

Modlar’s community includes over 524,000 architects, designers, and builders who collaborate to share ideas, projects, expertise, and product discoveries. Their extensive engineering platform modernizes product discovery for thousands of world-class building products, while their architectural product news feed, interviews with industry experts, and collaborative forums provide opportunities for idea generation.

BIMbox is another fantastic site for architects and 3D artists alike, providing Revit 3D models of interior projects for interior projects. It offers soft and hard furniture pieces, electrical/lighting fixtures, windows/doors/curtains. In addition, BIMbox contains valuable tools that enable you to create floor, wall & ceiling systems that you can then download as complete architectural systems for construction purposes.


BIMbox is the industry leader in high-performance hardware explicitly designed to optimize AEC software. From Revit modeling and real-time rendering to processing 3D point clouds and reality capture workflows, you need all-out performance from your workstation. The BIMbox Apexx S3 permanently boosts 11th Generation Intel Core clock speeds to 5.7GHz across all cores – making it the fastest workstation ever produced! Additionally, its aerospace-grade aluminum chassis provides unmatched strength and rigidity compared with traditional PCs.

BIMbox also features a library of free BIM objects explicitly designed to meet designers’ project requirements and has become the choice of some significant names like KI Furnishing Knowledge and James Burleigh Connection Demco Interiors, among many others. As well as hosting its library, it charges manufacturers for content creation and hosts their objects on its platform. This approach allows designers to find and select objects suitable for their projects while helping manufacturers build brand recognition and create new business leads. The platform also provides various tools designed to ease the design process for all parties involved, including a unified model, customizable landmarks, and big boxes – intended as replacements for paper-based processes that enable you to communicate and share information more easily.


Revit is a robust building information modeling (BIM) software tool used by architects, engineers, and contractors alike. Revit’s primary feature is the use of families – reusable components like doors, windows, furniture, and columns, which can be created within one Revit project and reused across other Revit projects or shared among multiple users – creating professional 3D models in no time at all! Families also help streamline collaboration among various users as needed.

BIMcity is a website created specifically to offer Revit users a place to upload and share their creations. Members have access to an expansive library of BIM and 3d model objects in different formats like Revit, Sketchup Vector Works, and AutoCAD for easy getting started in BIM applications such as Revit.

Revit City provides access to a robust library of free Revit content. Search results include categories and families to make it easy to locate specific elements. However, the site has some drawbacks as some content does not come in native Revit format and must be converted using third-party tools; moreover, search results may contain inaccurate or otherwise nonusable material. Thankfully, there are ways around these issues so that your experience with Revit remains optimal.


BIMobject is a BIM product data management software designed to streamline the creation, conversion, and deployment of BIM objects on the web. The primary Cloud module optimizes published products for search engines; BIMobject Apps modules offer basic and advanced solutions tailored to users’ specific needs.

BIM objects, or Building Information Modeling objects, are digital models with technical data converted to formats compatible with design software. BIM objects play an essential role in the BIM process as they create one source of truth that can be shared among design disciplines, reducing errors during project delivery.

BIM allows architects, engineers, and construction professionals to make more accurate decisions; however, this requires coordination among different design disciplines, which may prove challenging due to overlapping projects, limited staffing resources, or tight schedules. To counteract such difficulties, teams need an effective coordination system with well-thought-out processes and systems – such as an organized database with bar codes to track equipment as it moves through construction, maintenance schedule tracking with relevant documentation being sent directly back well as providing site manager awareness of its status at all times.