Roanoke College Housing Portal


Roanoke College is a private liberal arts school located in Salem, Virginia, that offers 35 majors and 57 minors and concentrations to its student body from across 40 states and 30 countries. A member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference with varsity teams competing in eleven men’s sports and ten women’s sports.

Four sororities reside on campus; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chi Omega, and Delta Gamma occupy Bowman Hall, while Phi Mu lives in Chesapeake Hall.

Roommate Groups

Students can utilize the Roanoke College housing portal to form roommate groups in order to find other students they would like to live with during their time here. Groups may include any combination of male and female students; once established, members must mutually agree on living together before creating another roommate group. Furthermore, students can use the Browse Matching feature to search for similar lifestyle preferences among available roommates; additionally, the housing portal allows users to select an apartment, suite, or room based on personal preferences and general beds.

Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, and Tabor residence halls are considered particularly accommodating and well-maintained for freshman students. While damage charges may be split evenly among residents in a room, residents are expected to respect each other’s rights and property in common areas such as stairwells, bathrooms, lounges, kitchens, and elevators in the building.

Block Housing is an option available during the housing selection process that enables groups of 4-8 students to pre-authorize themselves to ensure they will occupy adjacent rooms. This could be ideal for members of campus organizations, friends living on the same floor, and their pursuit of solid friendships or any other micro-communities they might form.

Students residing in Block Housing will not be eligible to participate in the General Housing Selection process, commute, or be released off campus. Furthermore, should any member withdraw from their group block housing arrangement, they must go through the General Housing Selection process as well.

Browse Matching

Roanoke College housing portal’s Browse Matching feature makes finding an appropriate roommate easy, secure, and fast. Once you find one you like through Browse Matching, communicate through the portal with them to arrange a meeting before moving in together.

Roanoke College, founded in 1854 and located in Salem, Virginia, is a private liberal arts college that provides 35 majors and 57 minors, pre-professional programs, community service projects involving hundreds of student participants from 40 states and 30 countries, membership of NCAA Division III Old Dominion Athletic Conference as the Maroons (with Rooney as its mascot).

The President’s House, located one-half mile from the main campus and constructed in 1930 as a Colonial revival mansion, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as it has served as home for various presidents, including Kendig, Fintel, Gring, and O’Hara.

The college maintains strong ties to Lutheranism yet does not impose religious classes or require students to attend worship services as part of its curriculum. Luther College’s student body encompasses many religious denominations; most students do not identify as Lutheran. Still, it honors its Lutheran heritage by maintaining an independent board of trustees and does not allow religious organizations to control administration. The college also provides special programs to its students, such as Upward Bound TRIO. A new student center opened its doors in 2016; it houses a 2,500-seat performance arena for basketball and volleyball games as well as an eight-court competition tennis complex and athletic department offices – built on the site of Bowman Hall, which had to be demolished to make way for this facility.

Roommate Search

Roanoke College consistently ranks in the top 10% of colleges by The Princeton Review and Forbes, offering students a classic education designed for success in today’s modern world. Our dedicated professors ensure our graduates leave equipped to begin and advance in their chosen careers, as well as having skillsets necessary for lifelong learning – 91% of surveyed graduates find employment within six months after graduation or attend graduate school!

Living on campus can be an integral part of the college experience. From student organizations to special housing and dining options, the residence hall community serves as an indispensable supplement to classroom activities. You’ll form meaningful bonds with other students, faculty, and staff members while exploring relevant topics of discussion.

When selecting roommates, it’s advisable to conduct interviews with prospective roommates regarding their sleeping habits, lifestyle, and study style. Furthermore, it would be helpful to determine how they react in stressful situations and how they deal with conflicts and stressors. It would also be ideal, if possible, to select someone with similar interests and values.

The housing portal makes it easy to search for and create groups. Once you find a roommate, assign their space during the Fill an Apartment/Suite/Room process – please note that only one group at a time may exist – you cannot move between groups at any given time.

If you need assistance finding roommates or have difficulty doing so, please reach out to the Housing Office and speak with one of their friendly staff members. Leaving your room unlocked during closing for fall, Thanksgiving, winter, or spring breaks poses safety and security risks that require Residence Life & Housing staff to conduct safety and security checks during these periods – any violations found will be handled according to standard referral procedure.

Roommate Messages

Students seeking to live together will first submit a roommate request through the housing portal. After being matched, they can select their apartment/room/suite during Room Selection time and message one another through the group leader accessing Roanoke College email accounts.

Roanoke College was established in Salem, Virginia, in 1842 and boasts over a million square feet of campus. With 80 acres, it is rich in history and tradition, and many buildings are listed on national and state historic registers. Roanoke has an interdisciplinary academic structure featuring three distinct campuses as well as an emphasis on internationalization – it ranks among the top producers of Fulbright scholars while providing more than 50 student organizations, 33 varsity and club teams, and numerous academic programs for its student body.

Roanoke College recognizes the value of residence hall living experiences as part of its educational process and seeks to ensure safe, comfortable communities for its residential students that foster intellectual curiosity, personal growth, social integration, and professional success. We aim to make them safe, inclusive communities in which to flourish.

All residents must become acquainted with fire safety policies and evacuation procedures, as well as cooperate with staff conducting drills or responding to actual emergencies. Residents are also encouraged to utilize campus recreation facilities like the Fitness Center and Athletic Field House, in addition to enjoying dining options and retail establishments located both on the main and Elizabeth campuses.

Roommate Delete

If a roommate is no longer working out for you, you have the option to remove them from your housing portal. Before making any rash decisions regarding having someone leave, be sure to review your lease agreement and contact either your manager or resident services office, as they may require additional steps or paperwork from you.

At this stage of their application process, students can fill out a roommate-matching profile questionnaire to search for potential roommates based on similar interests. Through an online portal, they can send each other messages or add any mutually desired roommates directly into their housing applications. This phase can be completed at their leisure at any time, and access can be provided any time of day or night.

Students looking for suites in Hill or Quad will be matched with roommates according to their suite preferences, through which they can select roommates via the portal and communicate and collaborate to select an exact unit in Hill or Quad.