Jobs at Sutter Health


Jobs at Sutter Health Join our not-for-profit network of hospitals, physician groups, and care centers across Northern California in 100 towns and cities – whether your passion lies with administration, finance, nursing, or allied health, there’s sure to be something right here for you! We have opportunities available now.

Sutter Health is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on any basis relating to race, age, religion, creed, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, registered domestic partner status, military service status, or veteran status.

Administrative Support

Administrative support jobs cover an array of responsibilities, from typing and general office work to coordinating between different departments and managing multiple tasks simultaneously. A typical entry-level role within this category would be secretary; however, you could also find functions that require performing more specialized tasks such as distributing mail, responding to phone calls, setting meetings up, sending invoices, and distributing packages or responding to telephone calls; these jobs often necessitate both strong computer typing abilities as well as solid typing speed skills.

At this level of work, duties typically include interviewing callers to identify specific information requests or gain their perspective on an issue; providing one-stop access to product and service information; helping callers with their problems or concerns; logging customer contacts for follow-up; and escalating these contacts as appropriate to different departments for follow up. Typically, this job level requires at least 2-3 years of experience and a high school diploma.

Provide administrative and clerical support to a senior-level leader by applying established guidelines and precedents. Work closely with staff members to oversee projects of varying scope and manage responsibilities accordingly; may also be responsible for creating, developing, and implementing policies as required. Ensures work is completed efficiently, effectively, and within required parameters.

Apply for these jobs online by visiting the Sutter Health website, where you’ll find a current list of positions available based on location and job title – plus salary range filtering!

If you’re unsure which position to apply for, Sutter Health’s career site provides an invaluable opportunity to speak to current employees and ask for advice from company mentors. Plus, finding out how much other employees earn can give you an indication that this role will make you happy!

Sutter Health is a non-profit healthcare system in Northern California with over 100 facilities across 100 cities and towns from Sacramento. Sutter offers high-quality yet cost-effective healthcare to its patients, with specialties like cardiology, women’s health, and cancer care among its primary service lines.


Provides routine and specialized administrative services to patient care departments by performing various back office and patient-related tasks. Prioritises requests promptly to gain the trust and cooperation of staff, physicians, and patients while adhering to all local, state, and federal safety and privacy regulations for patients and themselves.

Performs general clerical and office support functions within a nursing unit. Tasks may include answering phones, transferring calls, scheduling appointments, and authenticating patient records as needed. Assigned tasks by department leadership, such as cleaning the work area regularly while being knowledgeable of procedures, equipment, and supplies used within that department – also serving as timekeeper of that particular shift may fall within this responsibility.

Provide basic to moderately complex administrative support to patient care departments by performing various duties in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Schedule patient examinations, provide preparation instructions as applicable, cover receptionist duties in the Medical Imaging Department as required, and offer receptionist coverage of Medical Imaging. Answer, screen, and refer telephone calls while transmitting oral preliminary procedure reports to physicians for review.

Coordinate patient appointments and clerical activities efficiently and timely in an ever-evolving, fast-paced, and challenging environment, serving internal and external constituents equitably and equitably. Act as liaison for patients, providers, and other departments to resolve issues quickly and obtain the required documentation, acting as a liaison between patients, providers, and departments for timely resolutions of issues with required documentation, while performing quality assurance activities like documenting data to identify trends, needs, or opportunities for improvement.

Responsible for keeping patient electronic health records accurate, secure, and up-to-date according to established policies and procedures. May assist with training new employees and serving as a resource to other team members. Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area by filing documents, retrieving data from systems, and entering it back. Clean files as necessary as well. May perform other clerical duties like ordering supplies/receiving them/inventorying equipment as needed, and acting as department timekeeper.

Provide general and specialized administrative support in the laboratory by scheduling exams, providing preparation instructions when applicable, providing receptionist coverage as necessary, and performing other clerical and administrative duties as requested by lab management.

Health Information Management/Medical Records

Health care requires immense amounts of data for patient records. That is why there is such an overwhelming demand for employees in health information management fields such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health agencies, government organizations that deal with healthcare and software companies, and other medical settings; some even work from home! A health information manager needs an interest both in technology and science, as well as being detail-oriented.

The hiring process varies depending on the position but typically includes an online application, phone interview, and in-person/virtual interviews for skills evaluation, skills assessment, and reference checks. Some places also require background and drug tests.

As population aging causes more people to visit healthcare facilities and undergo medical tests and procedures, more records must be organized and filed away for reimbursement from private and public insurance policies, creating the need for more health information managers and technicians.

Sutter Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare organization with strong community roots that invests in its communities. Their emphasis on diversity and inclusion has resulted in 43% of their workforce being ethnically diverse, so your interviewer may ask how well you work with diverse populations; to answer their question, they may ask about an instance where you worked with a culturally or ethnically diverse group and whether you adjusted your style to accommodate them.

At Sutter Health, there is a range of nursing jobs to fit the needs of each specialty: pediatrics, obstetrics, emergency, and critical care are just a few examples. Registered Nurses (RNs) who wish to advance their careers are eligible for professional development programs such as residency programs, leadership development courses, or integrative healing nursing.

Sutter operates over a dozen hospitals and over one hundred clinics throughout California and Hawaii, serving patients from the Pacific Coast to Sierra Foothills. Sutter’s reputation lies in providing integrated care tailored to its patient’s individual needs – this health system boasts leaders in their respective fields as doctors within its fold – as well as having an emphasis on community involvement and education.

Patient Services

Patient representatives perform frontline customer service and administrative duties at medical facilities, clinics, and offices. Also known as medical secretaries or administrative assistants, patient representatives welcome patients and visitors while taking histories, scheduling appointments, collecting payments, and performing various administrative duties that help maintain an ideal customer service experience.

Communicate with patients and medical staff members to assess patient needs, obtain authorizations, and ensure all relevant data has been entered into the computer system. They assist patients in filling out forms and paperwork as needed, answering, investigating, or redirecting any patient inquiries/complaints to medical staff members for resolution.

As part of their job duties, patient representatives at Sutter Health may be responsible for scheduling patients for outpatient surgery and providing pre-op instruction to those undergoing the process. Furthermore, these representatives possess an in-depth knowledge of Medicare and commercial health benefits; additionally, answering telephones and responding to mail or email inbound requests are standard patient service jobs at this organization.

Plaintiffs allege that in the early 2000s, Sutter started mandating that all its hospitals sign “systemwide contracts,” which require health plans to include all Sutter hospitals as part of their provider networks or risk revoking their contract with each hospital. According to plaintiffs, this prevents programs from offering insurance products with tiered prices that encourage enrollees to choose cheaper non-Sutter hospitals instead of Sutter ones, thus diverting patients from these hospitals and away from Sutter facilities altogether.

Sutter Health nurses have the opportunity to advance their skills and leadership abilities by participating in various clinical and professional development programs, such as the Nurse Residency Program that aids new RNs in making a smooth transition into registered nursing practice or programs supporting specialties like emergency, intensive care or labor and delivery nursing careers.

Sutter Health System offers employees competitive salaries and benefits packages, such as flexible work hours, free parking, and access to an on-site gym. Furthermore, all qualified individuals are considered for positions regardless of race, color, creed, religion, marital status, sex orientation, gender identity expression, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other factor that might preclude consideration as potential applicants.