Lawndale Christian Health Center


Residents in North Lawndale know LCHC as an emblem of faith-inspired strength and hope; for its staff members, however, it represents an opportunity to serve the local community.

Established by Lawndale Community Church in 1984, this clinic has changed significantly. Today, it predominantly serves low-income residents from two neighborhoods in Lawndale, with sliding-scale payment arrangements accepted as its payment model.

Primary Care

Primary care providers (PCPs) are doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who oversee long-term health management and treat common medical problems. A PCP can assist in the prevention of illness and injury as well as identify urgent health concerns so appropriate specialists may be referred when needed. In addition, preventive health services like physicals, immunizations, and screenings may also be offered by your PCP.

Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) is a federally qualified health center operating under an integrated patient-centric medical home model. Staffed with primary care providers, behavioral health therapists, dental and vision care, fitness center trainers, and adult day services for people of all ages in North Lawndale South Lawndale Garfield Park neighborhoods; committed to providing quality healthcare regardless of ability to pay

Sinai Hospital’s partnership with LCHC allows residents to complete inpatient rotations on the Medicine and OB/GYN floors; additionally, all faculty at the 151-bed facility hold hospital privileges at this teaching hospital in Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Counseling practices involve providing support and guidance by trained therapists to assist their clients with personal, mental, emotional, or psychological difficulties. Some significant diseases and conditions that counseling addresses include depression, phobias, addiction abuse, family problems, and work-related stress.

Preventive Care

Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) is a faith-based community health center offering top-quality primary and preventive healthcare in Chicago, Illinois. Offering same-day, evening, and weekend appointments with sliding fee scale access and same provider visits every time, patients have their information online accessible – the LCHC provides all that!

LCHC offers services for people with various needs, such as counseling, mental health treatment, dental care, and substance abuse treatment. Their goal is to improve the lives of underserved families and communities with their integrated and comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery. In addition to clinical programs offered at LCHC, they also provide training opportunities for healthcare professionals and students.

Drug addiction is a complex and severe disease that impacts various aspects of an individual’s life. Symptoms may include physical, behavioral, and emotional changes. Lawndale Christian Health Center Archer Ave in Chicago provides several treatments to assist individuals in overcoming their addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol; one such therapy option is supervised drug detox, which helps patients safely rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol while doctors closely monitor progress throughout the process and prescribe necessary medication as required.

Therapy is another integral element of addiction treatment at LCHC, using motivational interviewing techniques to encourage clients to change their destructive behaviors and provide family and group support and education about substance abuse.

LCHC offers affordable primary and preventive healthcare for those without insurance, such as internal medicine services, school/sports physicals, obstetrics services, and counseling for public housing residents without coverage. In addition, the clinic also provides vaccinations, low-cost birth control options, cervical cancer screenings, case management, transportation options, and free legal support services for public housing residents.

Mental Health

Lawndale Christian Health Center offers various substance abuse treatment programs and counseling services designed to assist individuals and families in breaking free of their addictions. Their certified physicians can also provide drug addiction therapy.

The Center is one of the leading alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Illinois, providing a holistic approach to recovery that includes detox, residential care, and group therapy. Conveniently located near Chicago, their program helps individuals regain control over their lives while finding meaning within society.

As a community-based organization, the center is committed to the values of Christian Community Development. This philosophy relies on three R’s: relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution – three steps that allow communities to access all necessary resources for growth and sustainability.

LCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving Chicago’s West Side neighborhoods of Lawndale, Little Village, Garfield Park, Archer Heights, and Homan Square. We offer everyone medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare regardless of ability to pay or insurance coverage.

The North Lawndale Health and Fitness Center is an integral component of its overall strategy to foster an atmosphere of well-being in North Lawndale. This four-story building houses a fitness center featuring an indoor running track and Green Tomato cafe; medical services for pediatrics, obstetrics, and dental services; and an on-site Green Tomato cafe!

Dental Care

Lawndale Christian Health Center Dental Clinic can be found at 3750 West Ogden Avenue, 3rd Floor in Chicago, and provides routine exams and cleanings with fluoride treatments, sealants, x-rays, and vital services such as composite resin fillings, amalgam fillings, and crowns for critical services. They offer extractions and fixed bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth and gum disease treatment; scaling and root planing services are also provided at this clinic, which accepts certain Medicaid, Medicare, private commercial, and ObamaCare insurance plans.

Lawndale Christian Health Center is staffed with medical professionals dedicated to fulfilling its mission: “to demonstrate and spread God’s love by promoting wellness and providing affordable healthcare.” In addition to medical care, this clinic also offers various social service programs for its clients – social workers visit homes to address caregiving or environmental issues like lead paint or air quality issues, and landlords can work together on repairs for windows with bars preventing access to natural light.

Lawndale Christian Health Center boasts an inclusive staff representing its community well, helping create trust between patients and staff members while producing better results for everyone involved. As we advance, plans include adding a fitness center and dental services – but Miller emphasizes the need to keep faith-based service and outreach at the core of their identity; hence, he has avoided discussing its hiring policies due to potential controversy with other organizations in the Chicago area.

Health Education

LCHC has long been a pioneer in community-based health care. It is recognized for its groundbreaking innovations in primary care, behavioral health, inpatient services, and community interventions for homelessness, severe mental illness, and substance use disorders. Furthermore, its holistic programming includes Senior Day Services, a fitness center, and cafe services.

This organization is an independent Teaching Health Center (THCGME), one of only three such programs in Illinois, and independently sponsored by a community health center. THCGME offers residents in underserved settings training with the goal of building capacity for long-term sustainable change. This approach to improving healthcare is vital to improving healthcare in communities that have long been neglected.

Lawndale Community Health Center also offers medical students an exceptional learning experience through the Lawndale Summer Medical Project. This 4-5 week summer program gives 4th year pre-med/midlevel and 1st year medical students an opportunity to work alongside Christian clinicians in medically underserved communities, helping identify and address root causes of disparate health outcomes.

Lawndale Christian Health Center’s salaries depend on your position and career level, with physicians earning an average annual salary of $108,317. At the same time, Chief Operating Officer jobs come with an annual compensation package of $123,000 – those with leadership abilities may receive even higher wages. Furthermore, Lawndale offers numerous employee benefits like life insurance, medical coverage, and tuition reimbursement. These factors should all be considered before accepting employment at Lawndale Christian Health Center to ensure it fits your career goals.