Google Chief Operating Officer and Vice President


Google was once seen as one of the premier places to work, offering competitive perks and exciting projects—yet it now faces severe difficulties. Best way to find the Authority Links.

Ana Corrales serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO), overseeing development processes for consumer hardware products made by Google, such as Pixel phones and Nest devices, as well as overseeing end-to-end IT initiatives and customer experience work at Google.

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and one of the highest-paid executives globally. His earnings in 2022 totaled an estimated $226 Million, second only to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for the richest person on earth status. As CEO, Pichai has led significant organizational restructuring and mass layoffs while prioritizing artificial intelligence development.

Pichai began his Google career at 31 as a product manager, quickly progressing up the ladder with promotions until 2012, when he became Senior Vice President, overseeing some of the company’s most high-profile products and initiatives.

As a leader, he was widely respected and focused on results, which allowed him to earn greater responsibility and eventually take charge of Android in 2013. In this role, he worked to make high-quality smartphones more widely accessible while improving integration between Android and Google’s search engine.

By 2015, Pichai had proven his readiness to lead Google as CEO. When co-founder Larry Page announced Alphabet as its parent company, Pichai was chosen to head it.

Pichai has since led Alphabet’s expansion and focus on AI, meeting with influential world leaders to discuss ways Alphabet and Google can work together to foster economic development across various nations.

Pichai currently ranks fifth on Forbes’s global list of the most potent businesspeople. He is the sole Indian-born CEO to make this list, and his net worth exceeds $300 billion.

Pichai enjoys traveling and reading in his free time, running marathons regularly, and spending time with his wife and two children. Cooking for them is his passion; he often cooks dinner himself or creates dishes specifically for his family members! In his downtime, he can also be found listening to music or watching films, such as Indian cinema premieres that he attends, listening to music while driving, or reading The Wall Street Journal! Pick out the Buffer blogs.

Ana Corrales

Ana Corrales, Google’s Vice President for Consumer Hardware and Store Operations, is widely known for her skill at turning start-up businesses into multi-billion dollar enterprises. She serves as an inspiration to women in STEM as well as Latinos working in tech. Corrales hails from Costa Rica but earned her Master’s in Engineering at Stanford University before settling with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area as an advocate for diversity within Silicon Valley.

Ana’s work involves managing multiple large-scale projects simultaneously, such as the development of Google’s Pixel 4 phone and Nest Mini devices. She also oversees teams working from different offices around the world—including remote workers—while overseeing Google’s Operations Department, which encompasses everything from supply chain management to IT systems and infrastructure management.

Corrales keeps her focus while fulfilling all her responsibilities by keeping both her calendar and inbox organized. She makes it a point to start meetings or video calls on time even when not urgent, avoid copying team members on irrelevant emails that don’t pertain to them, and deletes any unnecessary ones immediately.

As a leader, Corrales encourages her staff to keep learning and ask questions. She also urges them to take risks and pursue audacious goals. Corrales serves as a role model for Latinas and women working in tech; her work has been recognized by her peers as outstanding—Forbes even named her one of 50 Most Powerful Latinas in Business, while HITEC honored her as an exceptional business leader. Guide to selecting the Forum profile links.

Ana Corrales is a keynote speaker and industry expert who can discuss numerous topics at your next corporate event, trade show, or meeting. To inquire about her availability for your event, contact one of Ana’s booking agents.

Diane Bryant

Diane Bryant has long been an advocate for women in engineering and technology, including founding a scholarship at her alma mater, UC Davis. Additionally, she speaks regularly at events to encourage young girls to consider STEM-based careers. She currently serves on Broadcom Inc.’s board of directors and the UC Davis Chancellor’s Board of Advisors as a board member and advisor, respectively.

Bryant is a graduate of UC Davis Electrical Engineering with over thirty years of experience in the semiconductor, cloud computing, and IT product development industries. As COO of Google Cloud Platform, she oversaw global supply chain optimization, customer adoption strategies, and IT solutions while serving on various boards, including Celestial AI for optical interconnects and Haemonetics for healthcare solutions.

In her new role at Google, she will oversee its operations and engineering teams, with particular attention paid to driving innovation at its core and expanding globally. Additionally, she will support CEO Sundar Pichai’s vision of expanding Google products and services so as to help more people than ever before.

Google was established by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and became publicly traded in 2004. Now one of the world’s most popular search engines, with an estimated value of close to $90 billion, its headquarters can be found in Silicon Valley, California, where Bryant currently holds multiple executive roles and passionately advocates for diversity within tech.

She believes artificial intelligence will become a critical driver of innovation and change in the near future, providing solutions for real-world problems such as building self-driving cars or feeding the global population. In order to unlock its full potential, big data needs to be utilized effectively in solving real issues, including developing self-driving cars or meeting the nutritional needs of populations globally.

Bryant started her career with free community college classes at American River College and three waitressing jobs to cover expenses. Although homeless at age 18, she managed to turn her passion for science into a successful engineering career – designing technologies for society’s most essential computing evolutions, such as personal computing and mobile computing.

Rocco Laurenzano

Rocco Laurenzano serves as Google Fiber’s Chief Operating Officer and oversees all aspects of its operations, such as expansion, build, customer operations, and project management/execution. Since joining five years ago, he has helped expand its presence to new cities and graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s in Information Systems Management.

Google Fiber is a high-speed internet service provider offering fast and reliable connections to its customers. In addition to internet services, it also provides television and telephone services. Recently, they announced plans to expand into Nevada by 2023, with plans to provide broadband access statewide by this time. Their 100-gigabit connection ensures the highest quality service, while their broadband nutrition labels have helped build lasting and mutually satisfying relationships between consumer and provider.

Sundar Pichai launched Google Glass and Chromebooks before being named CEO, and he overhauled senior management early in his tenure.

Pichai leads Google and is also Chairman of Alphabet Inc., its parent company. He has been with Alphabet Inc. since 2004 and previously held positions in engineering and management consulting.

COOs play an essential role in any business, huge ones. This position typically falls to someone with extensive business knowledge who can efficiently run the company while maintaining a positive work culture for employees and treating everyone fairly.

Prithvi Subburaj, former general manager at Google, has taken on the role of chief operating officer at OP Labs. OP Labs is known for developing Layer 2 network Optimism technology and exploring ways to increase its scalability; in his new position, Subburaj will ensure the company has access to the resources needed for success.

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