Main Line Health MyChart


Main line health mychart makes it simple and efficient for patients to schedule or reschedule appointments, request prescription refills, pay bills, send messages to their physicians, and send messages directly from one online account. With the eCheck-in feature available, they can avoid wait time at their next appointment.

MyChart also allows patients to view portions of their medical records, including health summaries, preventive care information, past appointments, medications, and test results. Patients can directly message physicians with non-urgent questions.

Easy access to your health information

Main Line Health is Philadelphia and its western suburbs’ premier healthcare system, comprising four acute care hospitals: Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital, and Riddle Hospital – as well as home health services and one of the country’s premier rehabilitation facilities, Main Line Health Home Health and Rehab. Main Line Health employs over 10,000 workers and 2,000 physicians; its services can be found across Philadelphia and its western suburbs.

MyChart is an accessible, secure online portal designed to bring Main Line Health doctors and other healthcare providers closer together. You’ll gain access to telemedicine sessions, prescription renewal requests, test results access, and appointment scheduling capabilities with a straightforward login that works from any device- a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

MLH MyChart allows you to request proxy access for another family member, such as your spouse or adult child. When logging in, an icon for both accounts you manage (your own and those you have proxy access to) appears in the upper left. Select any person’s name to view their information. Once granted proxy access, manage patient accounts just like managing your own. Should access no longer be necessary, ask to be removed by the patient.

MyChart allows you to schedule or reschedule appointments with physicians or providers quickly, make payments, and communicate securely with healthcare providers through its secure messaging service.

MyChart provides access to clinical notes from visits with your doctors and makes checking in for appointments online easier with its eCheck-In feature. Plus, MyChart can notify you when an earlier work becomes available – saving time and helping monitor your health.

MyChart can also help you locate directions, obtain driving instructions, and print maps from anywhere. In addition, MyChart helps keep tabs on lab and test results and sends messages directly to doctors or nurses, view account summaries, and pay your bills with MyChart.

Easily schedule appointments

Main Line Health’s MyChart offers a secure online portal for finding new physicians, scheduling annual physicals, or rescheduling tests easily. Access medical records efficiently while communicating with healthcare providers from home or work. You can even pay medical bills and request prescription refills through this secure platform!

Access the provider directory to view up-to-date physician information such as addresses, phone numbers, and specialties of physicians who treat you. This data is updated frequently, so you can always access the most up-to-date details possible – use the eCheck-in tool online to save time at appointments.

If you do not yet have an account with us, creating one can be done quickly by requesting an activation code on your after-visit summary or visiting the company website. Once activated, once an account exists, it can be logged in from any computer or mobile device with internet connectivity – we offer our free portal anywhere around the globe!

The portal’s intuitive design makes it simple to use. You can stay informed with your health records and appointment reminders while communicating with healthcare providers via email or text. In addition, access your payment history or set up automatic payments so you can more easily stay on top of expenses.

MyChart allows you to request X-rays, DEXA scans, and screening mammograms and schedule in-person or virtual visits with either urgent or primary care physicians. In addition, MyChart will enable users to request prescription refills while securely communicating with providers through an encrypted connection.

If you are having difficulties accessing mychart, please get in touch with the customer service department for help. They will address any inquiries and set up an account on your behalf. Alternatively, contact your primary care physician to arrange an appointment with an alternate physician.

Access your health information on the go.

MyChart provides patients with easy access to their health information anytime, from any location. This online portal makes scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, communicating with doctors through secure messaging systems, and managing medical bills manageable and payment plans easily arranged.

Patients can sign up for MyChart by visiting Main Line Health’s website and creating an account. After completing their username and password and answering some personal questions, they can log into their accounts from any device connected to the internet.

MyChart allows patients to quickly gain access to their most up-to-date medical records and share them with anyone of their choosing. Furthermore, they can schedule or reschedule appointments and request test results, message their doctors or nurses, pay medical bills online via the portal, and message them directly.

MyChart can be easily accessed on smartphones, computers, and tablets and is free to download from Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, please register for an account with Main Line Health using MyChart ID and password, or call our customer service number and register!

Main Line Health myChart gives patients access to their health information online, scheduling appointments and requesting prescriptions from local pharmacies. Furthermore, patients can view and print test results directly from home while also being able to request prescription refills with delivery straight to either their home address or local pharmacy.

MyChart offers many additional features to make it easier for patients to manage their medical records. These features can help coordinate care for adult family members through proxy accounts or allow patients to access health information outside the United States – though remember that myChart can only display as complete an image as the information supplied by providers.

Share your health information.

Main Line Health is dedicated to treating all employees fairly in our employment relationships without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, expression or orientation), parental status, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, political affiliation, military service relationship status or any other non-merit based factors. We hire, develop, and promote employees based solely on qualifications, experience, and job performance.

Access your medical records and providers using Main Line Health myChart. View test results, request refills of prescriptions, and send messages directly to your care team with ease – from any computer or smartphone! Using myChart is user-friendly and accessible from any location – make an account today to start exploring!

Through myChart, you can communicate with your care team in the way that best serves your needs. Schedule appointments, reschedule or cancel them as needed, request medications or test refills, securely send secure messages with non-urgent questions, and pay bills and access an account summary from one platform!

MyChart can also help your family coordinate care more efficiently. With its proxy feature, MyChart enables you to share access to your account with someone like your spouse or adult child so they can manage your medical needs alongside your own. Proxy access will only be granted at Main Line Health’s discretion and only if legally permissible under Pennsylvania and federal law; additionally, it requires agreement and compliance with MyChart Terms & Conditions.

MLH provides essential life support, advanced cardiovascular life support, and pediatric advanced life support classes to all hospital clinical staff. For more information, visit Connections, our employee intranet.

Main Line Health recognizes the unique challenges members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning communities encounter when accessing healthcare and services. We are therefore dedicated to ensuring all our patients and employees receive equal treatment when visiting one of our hospitals or clinics.

If you have questions about MLH’s commitment to equal treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Patient Relations Department. They can provide a list of local resources for support and assistance in navigating our system; additionally, they may refer you to external resources for extra support and assistance.