How to Change Your Age on Cash App


Cash App is a widely-used mobile financial service that enables users to send and receive funds quickly. Available across numerous countries, its primary user base resides primarily in the US and UK.

If you are under 18, Cash App can still help by having an adult sponsor your account as the legal owner, access features, and monitor activity. This way, they will remain responsible for monitoring any activities on or access to elements related to your account.

1. Open the app

To change your age on Cash App, open the app and tap your profile icon. Navigating to “Personal”, locate and change your birthdate in the Personal section before receiving a confirmation text or email of the change. Maintaining accurate personal information on the Cash App is essential for account security.

How Does Cash App Verify My Age? Cash App is a top-rated mobile payment service, but they require users to be at least 18 years old before using their services and proof of their age when creating an account.

If you are under 18, Cash App may still be useful, but it requires your parents or guardian to open an account on your behalf and sponsor it with government-issued identification to ensure you can use it legally and track activity on it.

Cash App makes changing your age easy and quick: make sure that you are logged in, have the profile icon visible, scroll to the “Personal” section, tap “Edit,” enter your birth date, tap on “Update,” and your new age will immediately take effect throughout the app or website. Please refer to this blog post for more detailed instructions on changing it on Cash App.

2. Tap on your profile icon

Cash App, the widely downloaded peer-to-peer payment app that recently eclipsed Venmo in downloads, now provides 13-17-year-olds in the US with enhanced account features. They can use this payment app to transfer and receive money with friends and request physical debit cards to use in person.

This new feature is open to any individual with a valid Social Security Number, with teens needing only their date of birth to verify their age and an active Cash App account as their parent or guardian registering them and texting a code back for them to enter in their profile to complete registration.

Cash App users aged 13-17 who change their age should log out and back into their profile to ensure the changes have taken effect. It is also essential to verify their date of birth is displayed accurately using MM/DD/YYYY format; otherwise, they will require assistance from Cash App.

Teenagers can also modify their username or user name in the Settings menu to make it easier for others to remember their Cash App balances. Doing this may save time when sharing accounts.

Cash App now permits teenagers to access more features of its platform; however, they remain prohibited from investing, purchasing, and selling Bitcoin, depositing checks, or using their Cash Card at bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, or casinos. Restrictions also include car rentals, dating services, and bail payments; however, they can use their debit cards at restaurants or retailers and fund Boosts within Cash App.

3. Tap on “Personal”

Cash App makes changing your age quick and straightforward online, just like any other personal details. Doing this helps verify your identity on the platform to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure security for everyone using it.

Change of age verification is essential if you use the app to invest in stocks, buy/sell cryptocurrency, or apply for a cash app card. The process itself should take no more than a few minutes.

Cash App is not intended for children under 18 and should, therefore, be monitored closely by parents. They should ensure their child doesn’t use the app on their device as this would violate Cash App’s terms of service and could potentially result in its closure.

App users require a valid date of birth to use all features on the platform, which can be particularly frustrating for teenagers who wish to use the app but do not yet possess one. With help from their guardian and after being approved by them, teenagers may still create accounts and gain access to P2P transactions, direct deposits, and Cash card features on the app.

Change your date of birth using the settings menu, but be mindful to enter it correctly (MM/DD/YYYY). If you cannot, the system could be down, and wait until it is resolved before trying to change your date of birth again.

4. Tap on “Edit”

At Cash App, there may be multiple reasons to change your age. One could be that when creating an account, you entered an incorrect date of birth; another reason could be there are age restrictions on using certain features of Cash App that prevent you from accessing them without reaching a minimum age threshold.

On the same page where you change your age, you can also update your personal information – such as name and email address – ensuring that all data remains up-to-date and secure. Furthermore, this page also allows for profile image updates if desired.

If you require assistance or have a query related to your account, do not hesitate to contact Cash App customer support – they’re more than willing to assist with whatever may arise!

Cash App requires users to be 13 or over to open an account. If you are under 13, an adult must create one for you and verify your identity with government-issued ID documents.

Changing your age on Cash App is straightforward, though always verify that you are over 18 before making changes. Keep your current date of birth on file just in case any verifications need to be conducted; keeping this information updated will prevent issues or complications in the future.

5. Tap on “Update”

Cash App requires accurate age information for several reasons. Accurate age information plays a vital role in its verification process and helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards, while Cash App also uses your age as a factor to determine which features or services may be made available to you.

Changing your age on Cash App is easy and takes just a few steps. First, verify the correct date of birth before logging out and back in again to save any changes made. You may also need to pass an identity verification before initiating any modifications.

Once your identity has been verified, the Cash App allows you to send and receive money quickly. You can link a bank account or debit card directly within the app while enjoying free transfers of up to $5 each!

On the Cash App, you can quickly check your balance by logging into your profile and tapping your name at the top of the screen – this will take you directly to your current balance and recent transactions.

The Cash App is an innovative mobile payment service that makes sending and receiving money online fast, secure, and accessible. Use it to pay bills and purchase products or services online or even earn cash back when shopping at participating merchants – plus, use it to send money directly to friends and family! Download it onto your phone device and follow these steps!