Havas Street Hub Partners With Brands to Make Them Brave


Havas Consumer Health & You is an innovative omnichannel consumer health agency founded on the philosophy that more knowledge leads to healthier outcomes. Their team consists of strategy, creative, and client services experts. Look into the Best info about sdit.

TPG converted seven floors of a historic building into an inspiring workspace that nurtures creativity at every turn. Room pillars and raw wooden desks hint at the building’s previous industrial use.

What is Havas Street Hub?

Havas Formula, a public relations firm dedicated to making brands braver, has opened a Midwest hub in Chicago under Tara Reid’s direction, joining its existing Denver regional hub (established in April 2021). This expanded regional footprint aims to capitalize on hundreds of heritage and emerging CPG, lifestyle, B2B, and tech brands looking for progressive marketing programs – for instance, recently throwing an events-focused premiere party for K-Y’s The Pleasure Is Mine docu-series that received widespread media coverage with everything from an onsite artist recording visual responses from guests answering guests the question ‘What does pleasure mean to you?”.

What is Havas Street Hub’s mission?

Havas Street Hub is an innovative omnichannel consumer health agency that believes knowledge equals health. HCH brings together Havas Health & You’s expertise and consumer experience with Havas Creative Network’s creative excellence and audience-targeting prowess to offer brands transformational change through creating meaningful work that reframes consumer perspectives on products and experiences. Led by COO Kelly Collinson and CCO Matt Lucey, HCH works alongside brands to drive transformational change within their respective categories through meaningful work that creates transformational change within categories via transformational campaigns that transform consumers’ perceptions about products or experiences reframe their perceptions of these experiences by crafting meaningful works which transform their brands by working directly with brands through partnerships that engage with their consumers directly to create meaningful, transformational change within categories by creating meaningful work which reframes consumer understandings of products or experiences by engaging their target audiences directly through engaging them directly via interactive media or other means. The actual Interesting Info about sdit.

TPG Architecture created TPG Agency’s new workspace to reflect its unique brand personality and culture. Seven floors revealed the building’s original industrial structure and emphasized its raw, utilitarian features, such as exposed ceilings, concrete columns, and wood-and-metal furniture.

A central stairway cuts through the open office floorplates, connecting all six levels. It is wrapped with thousands of pieces of spalted maple wood from local scrap lumber – which lightens, discolors, and forms intricate patterns over time – creating a breathtaking sculptural feature.

Havas Street Hub strives to make bold brands even bolder, believing that success in today’s crowded marketplace requires more than simply courage. To break through and connect emotionally with your target audience, you need an ownable position and a compelling story that sets you apart from all others in the market.

What is Havas Street Hub’s vision?

Havas global network is a collective of agencies that collaborate to make an impactful difference for brands, businesses, and people. Comprised of more than 70 offices with teams that specialize in different areas of communication, these villages give clients access to experts who work quickly and collaboratively to accomplish their objectives. The Interesting Info about sdit.

Havas Street Hub demonstrates this by working with K-Y on The Pleasure Is Mine, a three-part docuseries designed to empower women in the bedroom. Working alongside media and influencers, Havas Street Hub hosted an exclusive premiere event in New York City with a screening of The Pleasure Is Mine at an arthouse theater, photo booth props for photo opps, an artist recording visual responses in response to “What does pleasure mean to you?,” an onsite artist recording responses, as well as an artist recording visual reactions in response to “What does pleasure mean?”

As part of an effort that extended over several weeks to mark the series’ debut and promote its commitment to female empowerment, in addition to creating an immersive experience for 100 guests attending, the agency designed digital and social programs that amassed over 2.8 million impressions.

Havas Formula recently established a regional hub in Chicago to take advantage of hundreds of CPG, consumer, lifestyle, and B-to-B brands interested in innovative marketing programs. Tara Reid will serve as President of Havas Formula Midwest, while Adrienne Cadena heads up their experiential arm – Havas Street.

What is Havas Street Hub’s strategy?

Brands must stand out and emotionally connect with consumers in today’s cluttered marketplace in order to be effective. This requires bravery beyond conventional thinking and traditional marketing approaches in order to establish their ownable position; courageous brands become beloved brands!

Havas Group is expanding its strategy capabilities to offer clients an all-in approach. This groundbreaking move unifies Havas’ specialist units into a unique all-in-one operation led by two executive strategist directors, Imogen Hewitt and Phil Johnston. They will bring their cross-discipline expertise together under one roof, unifying Havas’ offering as one.

As part of its expansion, Havas Formula has strengthened and clarified its leadership structure to add depth and create more differentiated senior roles and responsibilities. Tara Reid will serve as CEO for Havas Formula Midwest; Adrienne Cadena, who launched the Havas Street experiential operation, will now act as CEO; and Emily Porter, who had been president of Havas Formula East, will now act as chief marketing officer of this agency.

TPG Architecture designed the new 24,000sq m workspace at this large commercial property, stripping seven floors down to its core to highlight its original industrial structure. As a result, this office space features modern and sleek elements, including dedicated video production areas and photo studios, that stand out from its surroundings.

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