Graff Plumbing Faucet Review


Graff offers an extended manufacturer’s warranty on its luxury tap products, covering workmanship errors and quality issues as well as coverage against workmanship errors or quality problems – an outstanding advantage that could save you considerable money over time.

Graff has taken an unusual step with their luxury faucets by using leaded brass for some components that do not come into direct contact with water, although their finish can tarnish over time due to excessive cleaning efforts.


Graff’s design philosophy holds that the bathroom should be an outlet for personal expression and an expression of its precious natural resource, water. Their products create “aesthetic grammars that hold together individual and universal experiences” while leading you to where life, nature, and technology meet.

The company prides itself on merging European design heritage and innovative American engineering in its products, responding to various style requirements while employing cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Furthermore, as a vertically integrated manufacturer, it maintains complete control of production procedures, enabling it to consistently meet high-quality standards and maintain top-quality standards in production processes.

Graff faucets are created with longevity in mind. Made of several materials ranging from certified lead-free brass, zinc alloy, and copper/zinc alloy for parts that come into direct contact with water, select designs even come equipped with an abrasion-resistant PVD coating.

The company’s website contains extensive details for every faucet they offer, such as dimensions and options. Furthermore, many are provided in 3d CAD models to aid designers and plumbers alike. While consumers may not benefit from these extra tools directly, designers and plumbers find them invaluable. Unfortunately, though, some finishes only carry short warranties, which could indicate the company believes some finishes won’t last as long.


Graff is a highly esteemed company known for using innovative technology to produce kitchen and bathroom products. It is known for its extensive range of luxurious fixtures that set new trends worldwide. Graff’s designs are created by teams of global designers with centuries of old-world craftsmanship at their roots.

Products manufactured by this company have received multiple design and innovation awards, while its faucets come in an array of styles and finishes. Iconic collections include Ametis and Sento bath and basin taps, which combine style with technology – for instance, LED chromotherapy lighting features!

Quality control at this company is exceptional, thanks to their integrated vertical production procedures that enable them to oversee every stage of manufacturing from start to finish. ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, while its products have also earned North American WaterSense Certifications.

Graff faucets stand out from other brands by not employing core and shell construction methods, which separate decorative parts from those that channel water, commonly found in lower-cost European faucets. Instead, their faucets use conventional “core and body” construction, which ensures durability as well as lasting finishes. For example, their brushed brass finish has lacquer protection against tarnishing.


Graff’s kitchen and bathroom faucets are constructed using certified lead-free brass, while some components that don’t come into direct contact with water may still contain ordinary leaded brass, such as the base plate and handles. These parts are typically covered by trim to give it its appearance while hiding the valve. Graff also offers eco-friendly finishes, including brushed brass and polished nickel finishes, which are applied through physical vapor deposition – one of the latest technologies available to manufacturers today.

As well as modern faucet designs, the company also offers bathtubs, sinks, and furniture in its contemporary collections. Its designs reflect the lifestyles of today’s homeowners while its styles incorporate seamless integration of design and engineering – such as its popular collections Segovia inspired by Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain, or Futurismo, which draws upon architectural futurism.

Vertically integrated companies allow manufacturers to maintain control over all phases of production, which enables them to provide superior products with quality assurance. ISO 14001 certification shows their commitment to environmental conservation. They employ approximately 900 people and are led by Ziggy Kulig, a native of Poland who immigrated to America. Since 1922, they have been operating, but only under their current name in 2002.


Graff is known for its elegant, cutting-edge designs and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as its prioritization of environmental preservation. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, they have complete control of production to deliver consistently high-quality products; additionally, they have implemented ISO 14001, which proves their commitment to protecting the planet while only using superior materials with stringent manufacturing standards in mind.

The warranty from Graff is comprehensive; however, some provisions could be read to limit coverage; for instance, damage caused by using non-genuine replacement parts violates Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act laws and should not be covered under warranty coverage.

Another issue with warranties is redundant provisions. According to legal rules, any ambiguities within a provision should favor consumers; this isn’t always feasible, though. Graff’s warranty states that cartridges in their faucets are covered for “the lifetime of the product,” yet does not extend coverage to subsequent owners who do not inherit it.

Some of the company’s finishes do not fall under its warranty coverage, such as Gunmetal Distressed and OR’osa. Architectural Black and Warm Bronze may come with limited coverage; however, most problems due to improper maintenance or cleaning aren’t covered under an extended warranty agreement.