Company MP3 Song


Navy Kenzo’s Company MP3 song is his latest release from East African artist Navy Kenzo. Produced by Shully and Nahreel, it will surely impress music listeners worldwide! Listen and Download now.

Enjoy! Take pleasure!

Navy Kenzo – Company

Navy Kenzo, comprised of Nahreel and Aika, has delighted their fans with feel-good tracks that turn any dance floor into one for dancing. From Western-styled video releases to songs celebrating Tanzania dances such as chelewa/bokodo, kamatia, uusinibwage, and game, Navy Kenzo have made waves within their industry – their music videos have been shown on significant chats and TV shows as well as receiving massive airplay from radio stations such as soundcity, WBS and NTV stations alike!

Most People Want This, the duo’s latest album, beautifully conveys their journey to success in a manner that charms and uplifts. With 12 tracks dedicated to love, sex, and family – from sweet romantic ballads like “Madness” to R&B tracks like “Manzese,” which features choir vocals – they offer a fascinating experience for listeners.

Aika and Nahreel met during their studies in India and began making music together when they returned to Tanzania. Soon thereafter they started creating local buzz with songs and shows before later joining with friends to form Pah One as a band. Nahreel founded The Business Studios, overseeing artists such as Diamond Kenzo and Navy Kenzo through The Business Studios; these have since gone on to receive millions of streams and downloads through Boomplay.

Emiway Bantai – Company

Emiway Bantai, originally from Pune, has achieved incredible success as a rapper in the hip-hop scene. Known for his distinctive style and relatable lyrics, Emiway has garnered massive acclaim and has amassed an enormous social media following.

Recently, a rapper released his new track called “Company.” The song highlights his confidence and success in rap music, as well as his determination to rise above societal expectations and stereotypes. Additionally, its catchy beat and playful lyrics will surely keep listeners entertained!

Many people mistakenly believe that successful artists must sell out, which may be true in some instances but doesn’t have to mean sacrificing creativity for money. Many indie rappers have achieved success while staying true to their craft while remaining connected with their audience.

This song expresses Emiway’s pride in his achievements and his refusal to conform to societal norms. He believes he can succeed without needing others’ assistance and does not require their approval in order to be content.

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DIOR – Company

DIOR by New York rapper Pop Smoke describes a woman’s desire for love, comfort, and companionship from someone special in her life. The song became Pop Smoke’s breakthrough hit prior to his passing away in February 2020; its success served as a symbolic mark for Brooklyn Drill, an urban hip hop movement popular in late 2010s Brooklyn drill vogue as well as Black Lives Matter protests; you can stream or download Dior as an MP3 track from Wynk Music online or even use it as your Hello Tune on our music app if desired!