Black and Gold Graduation Cakes


Graduating from high school is an exciting milestone, and your cake should reflect this event by reflecting their interests and future plans through customized decorations or store-bought toppers.

Start with a classic vanilla cake and customize its frosting according to the graduate’s school colors, adding an adorable graduation cap or diploma topper as the finishing touch.


If your daughter or loved one is graduating soon, this pink and feminine cake would make a wonderful way to commemorate them. Featuring a graduation top hat layer and large “Congrats!” banner with their name written underneath, this cake will surely bring smiles at their party. Additionally, adding an adorable paper cutout of them would only enhance its uniqueness!

This beautiful yet simple cake is an ideal option for those who don’t wish to get involved with creating intricate designs. The simple white frosting provides the ideal canvas for piped swirls of black and red to add sophistication – you could even change its colors depending on what hues match up with the school colors of the graduate!

Create an elegant damask pattern on the cake by using a stencil and edible paint, completing with some gold pearls around its edges for extra visual flair. A classic and elegant style for tiered cakes! Easy to execute! Impressive results.

A graduation cake should reflect both your graduate’s personality and interests, such as reading or basketball playing. Consider including some elements from these activities in their cake. Or create an overall theme for their party that includes these topics on it too.

If your graduate loves Doraemon, this cake idea will surely be a hit at their party! Add your favorite cartoon character and use vivid fondant layers with food coloring that matches their decor; this will ensure the cake stands out amongst the dessert table.


Make their graduation cake truly memorable by including something unexpected in its shape – whether that means creating a book-shaped or graduation cap-shaped cake! Another fun idea would be adding yearbook messages all over a simple round frosted cake; for instance you could draw little hearts down the center using red fondant and use toppers with photos from both when they were children and most recently wearing their cap and gown for comparison purposes.

Calligraphic topper reading “Congratulations!” or “Happy Graduation” are another easy and attractive choice, available in black-and-gold card, wood, or plastic materials. Additionally, personalized versions featuring their name, class or degree make a lovely personal gesture – ideal for girl graduates!

Create an effective graduation cake quickly and simply with our basic recipe (or your own), frost with buttercream, roll out a large sheet of navy blue fondant, cover the cake with it while taking care to smooth away any bumps and bubbles, add a mortarboard fondant cake topper with sugar paste certificate in front of it and finish by writing “Congratulations!” in gold calligraphy on it all.


Personalize your grad’s party by customizing decorations and activities with fun messages, photos, and special touches such as holographic balloon backdrops for colorful photo opportunities and adding personal touches like fun messages and photos. Blogger Britni has even designed printables with 12 clues and answer keys to host an easy scavenger hunt! Your guests may leave advice for your graduate on a tree made out of branches and scrapbook paper like Crystal did at her graduation party; guests could leave advice under an OREO cookie or Junior Mint cookie while filling a black doctoral cap-shaped box filled with candy for everyone’s enjoyment – don’t forget that YOU!

Personalised invitations like these by blogger Crystal are an effective way to set the scene for an unforgettable celebration. Make a unique statement with edible invites made of cupcakes decorated with black-and-gold graduation-related messages!


Graduation decorations are a wonderful way to add some fun and festive flare to any cake or cupcakes, whether for graduation, the holiday season or any special event. Edible ready-made royal icing decorations like graduation caps and diplomas, stars and balloons come in various sizes and finishes that suit any style or celebration theme. Edible cake paint is another creative decoration you can use with food-safe brushes and painter pens to handcraft an individual design on your cakes or cupcakes, while gold edible glitter adds elegance if that’s more your cuppies need. Sprinkles or sugar wafers are other popular ways of adding fun – quick yet tasty finishes!

Add pink or purple flowers to the buttercream frosting for an elegant graduate cake, to bring out its colors more. Pipe the buttercream flowers using just one hue per petal for all petals or combine colors for the bouquet effect. As a finishing touch, top your cake off with a mortarboard fondant cake topper featuring simple graduate cap silhouettes or personalized ones with their name and year of graduation!

If you’re hosting a graduation party, black and gold table accessories will look stunning against a white backdrop. Create this effect by covering folding tables with black-and-gold striped table covers or simply placing white paper placemats atop each one; to complete the effect roll up white napkins tied with ribbon to look like diplomas!

Other stylish party ideas for graduates’ parties may include using a black and gold graduation banner to decorate the room or hanging gold metallic fringe from food tables or cake stands. Display motivational quotes that motivate graduates, photos of them with family members or ask guests to write notes with advice for or favorite memories from them to leave in a box on the table.