Washington Park Playground in Portland, Oregon


This fully fenced-in spot offers plenty of entertainment, from water play to sand and swings.

If you need somewhere to cool off, this park boasts one of the city’s largest playgrounds (open Memorial Day through Labor Day). Just follow the path from the playground up to where it can be found.

The Playground

Washington Park is an exquisite large park located just northwest of Portland. Home to attractions such as the Oregon Zoo, Hoyt Arboretum, and International Rose Test Gardens, as well as a large playground and many walking trails – Washington Park truly is an oasis in this urban environment!

The playground is at the core of any park. Fully fenced-in, this space features many activities ranging from water play and sand play to climbing walls and swings – providing children with some outdoor recreation while keeping them engaged for at least an hour at a time.

Since it can be quite a trek to reach, be sure to bring snacks or plan a full-day visit here. There are picnic tables and charcoal grills for family meals at this park.

Washington Park Playground’s many trees provide ample shade, which makes it the ideal playground during hot days in summer.

Sprayground is another exciting feature; open from April through October and covering an area of 7,000 square feet, it provides a perfect way to cool off for kids (and adults alike!). There is even an homage to the former Miami and Erie Canal that used to traverse this part of town nearly 100 years ago!

Landscape Structures playground equipment is IPEMA and CPSC certified, guaranteeing it is safe for kids of all ages. There are plenty of structures to climb upon, such as a castle, pirate ship, and pyramid for young ones, as well as monkey bars and slides for older ones.

The park offers over two dozen tennis courts, four baseball fields, three basketball courts, and two volleyball courts. Joggers and cyclists alike will love this open space park with wide open green spaces and a 3.8-mile paved trail that winds its way around it all. While entry to the Rose Test Gardens and Oregon Zoo requires a small admission fee, its free shuttle services allow easy navigation through all parts of the Park to see all its sights.

The Sandbox

Washington Park Children’s Playground pays homage to Over-the-Rhine’s rich history by offering an inclusive playground that is fully fenced-in, semi-shaded, and boasts solid ground (no mulch). Kids of all ages will love this playground; on beautiful days, it can become quite busy but never becomes overcrowded – best suited for children aged 2-5, but older kids will also enjoy it!

There’s a large structure with three separate slides and several ramps for climbing up and down, plus things to clamber over, as well as four big kid swings and two baby swings – it has a sign stating it is suitable for children 5-12 years old, though I think toddlers between 2-4 may enjoy using it just fine.

The other structure in the playground is a jungle gym featuring many twists, turns, and ladders for climbing. While this structure might be more complex for younger kids to manage than its counterparts, its excellent design will surely elicit “wow!” outbursts when your children see it!

There are plenty of shady benches throughout the park and playground area, and if you need a snack or coffee break nearby, there are a couple of quick-eat options: DO cafe offers edible cookie dough, while La Neworkina serves Mexican ice pops and ice cream.

Washington Park boasts one of the city’s largest playgrounds, open from April through October and accessible for visitors. Perfect for visiting when temperatures rise on hot days when children need somewhere cool to splash about in, Washington Park provides an oasis of cooling fun in Washington Park!

The Castle

The Castle is a playground designed for children of all ages. Featuring a custom-designed cedar castle complete with towers, turrets, tunnels, and spiral slides surrounded by stump steppers, post-and-rope balancing logs, and tilted flower and leaf decks that serve as circulation paths through its junior play zone, it provides multiple circulation paths around and throughout its junior play zone.

The castle is the focal point of a playground and provides children with plenty of opportunities to climb, slide, crawl, spin, and explore. Additionally, it gives the ideal place for having picnics or just hanging out with friends.

Another thrilling feature of the park is its splashground. Open from April through October, this delightful attraction provides an exhilarating way to beat the heat during summer days and is fully enclosed – ideal for toddlers and children of all ages – while its sit-on digger will keep kids engaged!

At any given time of day, the park is filled with people from various walks of life enjoying its numerous activities. Musicians, artists, and protestors are frequently found within its borders; additionally, there are park staff working on various projects.

Attractively situated just minutes from downtown Charlottesville, this park provides the ideal place for families with young children to take a pleasant walk, picnic, or play. The playground boasts numerous slides and climbing structures; though busy at times, it never becomes overcrowded.

Be mindful that this playground is spread out, so be prepared for some walking. Bathroom facilities can be found nearby but may close at times; be wary if your child tends to run off. Also, keep an eye out for an open gate, as that might tempt them into running away! Entry to this park is free, and there are lots of spots for parking; to avoid crowds, try visiting on weekday mornings before noon or later in the day.

The Slides

Washington Park is an idyllic destination for families, offering playgrounds, public art, and open green space. Additionally, Washington Park features a zoo, forestry museum, arboretum, rose garden theater, tennis courts, soccer field picnic areas, and hiking trails. Furthermore, it houses various sports facilities like baseball, football, and softball.

Washington Park was established in 1888 near downtown Albany. This historic park hosts many year-round attractions, from spring tulips and leaf peeping in autumn to holiday celebrations during winter and summer, as well as its original bear house from America’s first zoo in 1828.

The park is a favorite playground among local children and families, providing something suitable for every age and ability. Slides are a particular highlight, with two sizes to choose from; small slides are best for toddlers and preschoolers, while giant slides cater to older children. In addition, swings and climbing equipment ensure fun times all around!

After years of wear and tear, the Kids Kastle at this park needed some TLC. Last month, a representative from the city’s insurance pool visited to assess safety and liability risks at the park. Their press release provided details about potential hazards, including deteriorating wood support poles with nail protrusions, possible head entrapment on tube slides, potential strangulation hazards at entrance points of slides, missing railings, etc.

Landscape Structures has created an exciting new playground with traditional equipment as well as its nature-inspired Play Odyssey tower and Netplex climbing tower. Skyways Shade features are also integrated, as are Global Motion’s rotating net climber and Rhapsody outdoor musical instruments – encouraging kids to use their imagination, be creative, and discover the world around them. This exciting addition encourages children to use their imagination, be creative, and explore.

Parents and grandparents can both relax on shady benches or picnic tables while their kids explore the expansive, nature-themed playground. As it may be quite far from the parking area, bring water and snacks for your little ones before starting on your trek to West 3rd Street’s main playground; some quick-eat options nearby, such as DO cafe for edible cookie dough or La Neworkina for Mexican ice pops and ice cream are blocks away on West 3rd Street.