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Restaurants Barceloneta offers something for every type of visitor, from seafood and vegan choices to vegetarianism and organic eating options. Learn the best info about restaurants in Barcelona.

This seaside tavern is family-run and serves traditional fish dishes, like paella. There’s also an impressive selection of seafood available – don’t miss their bombas or Russian salad if you go!

Can Sole

Can Sole is one of Barcelona’s premier seafood and paella restaurants, dating back to 1903. Housed in a two-story building just off Passeig de Joan de Borbo near its corner, Can Sole has long been a family dining staple for generations past. Artists Joan Miro and Antoni Tapies made regular visits – their artwork adorning its sky-blue walls! Today, its portly waiters still charm moneyed locals with market-fresh dishes like tiny sweet clams, cabbage hearts stuffed with tuna, or its epic encyclopedia-sized zarzuela, which pays tribute to La Barceloneta’s fishing history with everything from whiting, shrimp galas, and bream!

Can Sole is one of the few restaurants in La Barceloneta that remains free from tourism’s tide. Here, you won’t find sea views, terraces, or touts outside this cozy tavern; rather, you will enjoy hearty plates of flavorful food prepared using classic recipes that never fail—prices may be slightly more costly, but well worth your while.

La Cova Fumada

There are few spots in Barcelona with such a friendly and inviting ambiance as this little tapas bar. Regulars have frequented it for generations, while some adventurous tourists also frequent it regularly to indulge in bite-sized tapas of every flavor. Delicious Spanish dishes are served up for lunch, and inexpensive wine or beer glasses help ease relaxation even further.

La Cova Fumada (“The Smoked Cave”) may look rough from the outside, with no indication that its interior hosts one of the city’s finest tapas bars. Inside are only a few tables and iron-grilled ancient windows meant for stacking crates – all clues that La Cova Fumada (The Smoked Cave) may offer tasty tapas fare.

The bar is relatively small and tends to fill quickly; unfortunately, they do not take reservations. Lines often form outside, waiting for tables. Once inside, however, guests can order dishes like grilled squid and cod, traditional Spanish tapas, and some fantastic desserts, such as their amazing churros or bunuelos, both of which come highly recommended!

Can Majo

Can Majo, one of Barceloneta’s oldest family-run restaurants, offers delicious seafood on its menu. Fresh, top-quality seafood pairs perfectly with rich paellas, ideas, and decadent homemade desserts in this cozy eatery that offers exquisite dining. Its cozy decor perfectly complements this experience in deliciousness.

Here, you’ll find exquisite shellfish dishes such as oysters, Galician clams, whelks, and other delectable mollusks. But the main attraction here is paella: packed with juicy prawns, mussels, and tender strips of tender squid with its trademark golden, almost burnt crust that marks out truly great paellas.

Can Majo stands out from other restaurants by its meticulous attention to detail and is widely considered one of the best spots in Barcelona for seafood dining. Enjoy sitting inside its exquisite white and cornflower dining room or out on its tranquil terrace overlooking the Mediterranean – either way; it should definitely be on your visit list.


At one of Barcelona’s Gracia district’s most renowned streets lies this select seafood restaurant that combines luxury with history. Also, as its namesake, Moncho Neira, established it decades ago, this establishment has come to represent Galician cuisine within Catalonia’s culture.

This restaurant takes its name from Santiago de Compostela Cathedral’s 80 kg silver “Botafumeiro” thurible (censer), which requires eight men to move it and releases billows of fragrant smoke during services.

Botafumeiro was recently launched by Carner in 2018 as a floral and woody perfume with notes such as Indonesian nutmeg, bergamot, and Spanish labdanum that give off its distinctive fragrance; additional scent notes include frankincense and myrrh. You can request one by making donations to the Cathedral. It can also be requested by groups providing contributions of any amount. It can be ordered through any donation to the Cathedral. It can also be requested from groups who make contributions. It can be requested by groups making donations of any amount that contributes to a donation towards cathedral expenses. Available only through certain Carner stores!

Bodega Marin

At this vibrant beach neighborhood, you will discover an assortment of restaurants and bars serving traditional and contemporary Spanish fare as well as exotic world cuisine – there is truly something here for every palate!

Bodega Marin is one of Barcelona’s oldest wineries and tapas bars, dating back to 1799. It offers an extensive selection of wines and vermouths alongside delicious homemade tapas, such as its legendary Roe Deer Stew! Don’t miss it!

Popular among both locals and visitors, this restaurant offers fair prices and prompt, friendly service.

Guests delight in the inviting decor and refreshing ambiance of this venue, which has an excellent quality-price ratio and makes a perfect choice for families.

This tour takes place in the Gracia district and offers something unlike any other in Madrid—it feels more like a village than any other neighborhood! On this three-hour walking tour, we visit four of the finest old bodegas and sample traditional “vermouth.” Don’t miss this unique chance to witness and experience life in this distinct barrio! Book your spot now!