What Channel Is ABC On DIRECTV?


ABC is the go-to channel for movies, talk shows and reality television programming. Started by Walt Disney in 1943 and becoming an iconic network over time. ABC provides some of the most sought-after programs.

DIRECTV bundles local channels into its bundles, so there’s no need to upgrade in order to access ABC. Channel availability will depend on your location.

Original Series

AB Network was one of the oldest networks established in 1943 and has grown from being a radio network into an iconic television channel that broadcasts some of today’s most beloved shows, from dramas, comedies, reality series to classic movies and ESPN programming.

Customers of DIRECTV can watch local ABC stations via the DIRECTV STREAM app without needing cable or satellite subscriptions, although some programs may have blackout restrictions or require an additional subscription – for more information or inquiries please reach out to a DIRECTV representative.

The ABC channel can usually be found on the DIRECTV guide; usually channel 7. However, its exact channel number depends on your location and package selection. Knowing your channel number before signing up with DIRECTV can save you both time and energy by eliminating the need to sort through hundreds of channels searching for what you want – plus it makes watching more enjoyable since as well as ABC, DIRECTV packages include CBS and NBC channels!


ABC is one of the most-watched broadcast networks around, offering popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family as well as news, monetary projects, climate conjecture and climate speculations. DIRECTV makes accessing this channel easy! Each package comes equipped with it.

ABC (American Broadcasting Company), originally launched as a radio network in 1943, is now owned by Walt Disney and widely recognized for producing many popular shows including comedies, dramas, talk shows and reality programs like American Idol and Shark Tank – not forgetting General Hospital! ABC offers viewers something for every taste in programming including comedies, emotional roller coaster dramas and informative talk shows that make ABC an icon on television history.

While DIRECTV makes it simple for its customers to watch ABC, its availability may depend on your location. In most cities, ABC can be found on channel 7; however, in Bakersfield and Fresno it can also be accessed on channels 30 or 23 – simply use DIRECTV’s Local Channel Lookup tool to determine where ABC can be found!


ABC is a popular American television network offering dramas, comedies and reality series as well as news coverage of live events. Available through multiple cable and satellite providers – such as DirecTV – ABC has long been a fixture in American households since it first premiered its programs. Owned by Walt Disney Company since 1923.

Popular comedy series on ABC include Modern Family, Black-ish and The Goldbergs – lighthearted comedies that explore family dynamics with humor and relatability. Furthermore, reality competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars feature celebrity partners competing against each other to show off their ballroom dancing abilities on live TV shows like Dancing With the Stars or Dancing with the Bachelor. Furthermore, ABC also broadcasts national and international news programming including its daily show Good Morning America.

ABC is part of all DIRECTV packages, including its base 250-channel lineup. Their programming spans classic sitcoms, captivating dramas and fabulous films – offering something for every age group in the home. You can stream some content via Hulu. Additionally, an over-the-air digital antenna may allow you to access local ABC station programming; please note however that this is only possible in areas with local ABC affiliates.


ABC is one of the most watched channels on DIRECTV, offering news, sports, and entertainment programming. Most cities can find ABC on channel 7, though exact channel placement will depend on where you live; since all plans include local channels automatically such as ABC you won’t need to upgrade your plan just to gain access. If there are issues accessing it or finding any related info about it on the channel guide you may need to reach out directly for support if necessary.

ABC was first founded as a radio broadcasting company in 1943 before expanding to television broadcasts in 1948. Now owned by Walt Disney, it offers a diverse programming selection with well-known shows like Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy as well as movies and other entertaining content.

ABC provides access to your favorite shows at any time and place, both new and reruns alike. In addition, ABC features reality competition shows such as Dancing With the Stars that feature celebrities from music and film competing against professional dancers for fame in this glamorous reality competition series. Dancing With the Stars will keep you engaged while passing time if you feel bored!