Top 5 Best 3DS Games


With suitable games, the Nintendo 3DS can provide an unforgettable gaming experience. Boasting an extensive library of classic titles from some of gaming’s leading franchises, this portable console boasts unparalleled enjoyment for any gamer.

Sakurai accomplished what seemed impossible: fitting Super Smash Bros onto a handheld. The game offers fast-paced button-mashing action featuring your favorite Nintendo characters.

1. Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening is an essential addition to every 3DS user’s library, produced by Intelligent Systems as an incredible masterpiece that fans of this series should not miss. Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG on a grid-based map where players control various units. Furthermore, its rich plot will keep players engrossed throughout their adventure!

Veteran players of Awakening will find its gameplay familiar, but Awakening makes great strides to improve accessibility. By eliminating some of the more cumbersome aspects of previous games, such as permanent character death (characters killed in battle remain dead until soft reset), and providing support conversations between characters which further expand lore while creating opportunities for natural attachment – Awakening marks a watershed moment in franchise history, propelling it forward with renewed momentum and accessibility.

The story follows Prince Chrom of Ylisse and his team as they attempt to defend their land from invasion by Plegia, facing off against an array of powerful holy weapons, unholy beasts plaguing their lands, and an unknown swordsman who claims to be their hero-king of legend. While the story itself is captivating, what keeps players engaged are its tactical combat elements – portable systems make this even more accessible as a battle can continue or be set aside at your leisure if desired.

Fire Emblem: Awakening was developed by multiple franchise veterans and is widely acclaimed as having helped reinvigorate its popularity following stagnant sales. Many consider it definitive of its modern-era installment and helped boost 3DS sales significantly; its success ensured its successor, Fire Emblem Fates, was also an international smash hit.

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

This game should not be missed if you love The Legend of Zelda series. Released in 2013, this spiritual sequel to the SNES game A Link to the Past is among the finest 3DS titles. It offers traditional top-down Zelda gameplay but with stunning 3D graphics and new mechanics — instead of finding items in dungeons, you rent them from shopkeepers instead – that may frustrate longtime fans but serve to extend game longevity.

This excellent RPG and one of the top titles on 3DS stands out with amazing visuals and well-paced action, seamless controls that are easy to master, satisfying, fast-paced combat, and character progression that provides ample rewards – yet feels incomplete.

This game’s story is truly unique and captivating, set in the same universe as A Link to the Past but occurring hundreds of years after, with an old hero from that game returning to help save a princess from harm. This emotional game should not be missed out on!

Unarguably, it is one of the greatest underrated games on 3DS. A fantastic role-playing experience with excellent character development and an engaging story, battles are fast-paced fun with chain attacks, making it possible to reap greater rewards; graphics may seem outdated, but the gameplay makes up for it all!

This excellent RPG is similar to Bravely Default but offers greater depth and variety in gameplay. Combat is fast-paced and fluid; players can create an unlimited roster of characters while customizing their appearance and personality traits. Plus, there’s plenty of content for you to go through, such as side missions.

3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing stands out among relaxing sims as one of the finest. For over 20 years, New Leaf remains a favorite with fans; though there were a few changes between it and its predecessors, its core experience remains intact.

City Folk may be more enjoyable due to how much control this game gives you over your town. Now, as mayor, you have complete freedom over its development – from public works projects that add buildings, bridges, street lights, and benches, as well as passing laws dictating when shops open earlier or later – all within your control! In City Folk, this freedom and autonomy were limited; with City Folk, this gives you complete power over all aspects of its creation – you are given complete freedom over creating the town of your dreams!

Another remarkable aspect is playing with up to three other people without connecting online. This is an excellent way to spend time with friends, relax, and talk to the villagers! Of course, what sets this game apart is its characters – from familiar faces like Tom Nook and Reese to newcomers who randomly pop up throughout town.

One outstanding feature is visiting a tropical island as a vacation getaway. While you won’t be able to live there permanently, visiting will allow you to catch bugs and fish and collect unique items you wouldn’t otherwise find within the game.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, an update introducing Welcome Amiibo into the game can also be downloaded – this allows players to tap figures or cards that depict Welcome Amiibo characters to invite villagers or move in with you into their town or move in together. It makes the game feel fresh even after ten years!

4. Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

Monster Hunter is a rare series that has become such a cultural phenomenon that it transcends gaming. Though initially intimidating for newcomers, its intricate systems reward players who put in time learning them and gradually ascending its difficulty curve. Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate is an excellent introduction for newcomers while providing enough familiarity for old fans.

As in previous releases of this series, MH4U focuses on taking on giant monsters and fighting them for their skins, horns, tails, fur scales, and other parts. What sets this one apart is how easy it is to get started; long gone are hours spent performing menial tasks or gathering resources that slowed down earlier games of this series; instead, MH4U can now run forward quickly and with purpose!

MH4U reduces its notoriously steep learning curve with enhanced tutorials and a different combat system. While camera controls mapped to a touchscreen may take some getting used to, control nubs make things far less frustrating to navigate around the touchscreen interface. Graphic upgrades make the game look fantastic on 3DS’s larger display while load times remain minimal – another essential aspect for success in any game!

Even though the game does suffer from minor technical issues, such as bugs and slowdown on higher resolution screens, it still marks a huge step forward for the franchise. It should be enjoyed regardless of your fandom level or gaming console type.