The Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios


Disney vacations would not be complete without delicious snacks to satisfy hunger while exploring its parks, such as those at Hollywood Studios Food Court. There are always tempting treats here!

Trolley Car Cafe’s Butterfinger Cupcake will satisfy your chocolatey cravings – and may leave behind one or two sticky fingers!

1. Carrot Cake Cookie

Hollywood Studios’ most beloved treat, the Carrot Cake Cookie, is one of its most beloved treats – or perhaps THE most beloved snack. A giant carrot cake cookie sandwiched between cream cheese frosting will not disappoint – trust us, you won’t be sorry you indulged yourself!

Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks) in Hollywood Studios offers this sweet treat as an absolute must for Disney foodies, and sharing is encouraged! Don’t miss this delicious indulgence that everyone must experience.

This classic snack remains on our list; its delicious taste has made it a favorite. Perfect when craving sweet and crunchy snacks, a carrot cake cookie offers soft textures with decadent frostings that leave you wanting more!

This might be needed if you’re searching for a healthier snack to satisfy those visiting parks! Packed full of fruits and nuts for added fiber without adding unnecessary calories, this snack offers excellent potential as an afternoon treat!

Disney upped their snack game when Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened. Their snack offerings have expanded significantly, including this Bavarian Pretzel, a pretzel version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard for an unforgettable pretzel experience.

Mustafarian Lava Roll is another delicious dessert in Galaxy’s Edge that resembles an ice cream bar and can be found at Oga’s Cantina, Docking Bay 7, and Ronto Roasters. All Galaxy’s Edge fans should try this treat, even those who may be dairy intolerant!

If you’re searching for an indulgent snack between meals, look no further than a Totchos bowl. Packed with satisfying foods on top of cheesy tater tots, this hearty treat provides enough satisfaction without feeling overstuffed. Its convenience makes it an excellent option for those not up for full meals!

2. Butterfinger Cupcake

Hollywood Studios offers delicious, quick, convenient, sweet, or both snacks – something Disney has upped with Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge! There’s even a savory option, the Ronto Wrap from Muppets-inspired Ronto Wraps!

At the Trolley Car Cafe (which houses a Starbucks), this decadent cupcake has been a Guest favorite since 2009. Crafted with chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate fudge and drizzled with vanilla buttercream topped off by crushed pieces of Butterfinger candy bars, it makes an unforgettable snack credit purchase and an ideal way to begin or end any visit to the park!

Try something special this holiday season like the Carrot Cake Cookie – a tasty whoopie pie-like carrot cake treat filled with cream cheese that makes for a delightful change from typical peanut butter cookies found around Walt Disney World and pairs well with hot coffee! Red velvet versions may even appear during holidays for an extra seasonal delight that should not be missed!

Woody’s Lunchbox offers delicious Peanut Butter Lunch Box Tarts that make excellent use of snack credit and provide delicious Raspberry and Chocolate Hazelnut flavors, making these pop tarts the ideal size to satisfy cravings for peanut butter! They’re also deliciously bite-size!

Hollywood Studios recently welcomed Galaxy’s Edge back with the Blue and Green Milk, an exciting snack introduced in Star Wars films that represents Luke Skywalker’s favorite beverage from Star Wars movies – perfect for experiencing these new lands!

Kat Saka’s Kettle in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge offers something delicious but healthier: popcorn mixed with regular and caramelized popcorn with just the right touch of salt, topped off with marshmallows and graham crackers – an unrivaled snack experience only found here!

3. Lunch Box Tarts

Disney fans have noticed that Hollywood Studios has recently increased its snack selection. From Toy Story specialties to treats from Galaxy’s Edge, there is something special for every taste at Hollywood Studios!

These snacks will undoubtedly continue to impress as new offerings emerge, so if you’re heading to Hollywood Studios, include these items on your shopping list!

Trolley Car Cafe now offers a delicious treat known as a Butterfinger Cupcake that was previously found only at Starring Rolls bakery: this delectable treat features a chocolate cupcake base topped with frosting and buttery Butterfinger topping – making for an incredible combination! Perfect as a group snack option.

Lunch Box Tarts are another delicious option! A cross between a Pop Tart and hand pie, they make for the perfect sweet treat you can find at Woody’s Lunch Box inside Toy Story Land and Woody’s Lunch Box in other parks – they make for the ideal additions to your park experience! Seasonal variations include Raspberry Jam with Strawberry Fondant, Chocolate Hazelnut with Maple Fondant, and candied Bacon! They even make for great souvenirs! Don’t forget that Woody himself offers them, too – perfect! And make sure that Woody doesn’t miss out when visiting Toy Story Land! Woody’s Lunch Box treats make for beautiful additions! Take these delights to Woody’s Lunch Box inside Toy Story Land; take them along on your park adventures!

Ronto Wrap can also be found at Woody’s Lunch Box and is one of the best treats at Hollywood Studios. It boasts some delicious ingredients – ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, and raspberry jam can be found between some delicious slices of bread that add an enjoyable crunch!

Visit Galaxy’s Edge area and stop at Kat Saka’s Kettle to purchase some unique red and purple tinted popcorn from Kat Saka’s Kettle – it stands out among other offerings at Disney World for being uniquely tasty, plus you can buy an adorable character-themed popcorn bucket at just $2.00 and refill throughout your visit!

4. Bavarian Pretzel

With the opening of Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2018, Disney truly elevated their snack offerings at the park. These delicious bites provide the perfect way to refuel while walking between rides or on your journey or are great when snacking on the go.

At Hollywood Studios, they take their iconic Mickey Pretzel one step further with this decadent Bavarian Pretzel! Perfect for sharing among park crew members or simply as an indulgent snack, this giant pretzel features spicy mustard and beer cheese dipping sauce for extra taste! A must-try when visiting this theme park!

Backlot Express is a quick service restaurant in Echo Lake of Disney California Adventure Park serving American classics such as burgers and sandwiches. Backlot Express’ Num Num Cookie pays tribute to Jack-Jack from The Incredibles with a soft cookie covered with creamy frosting in his adorable face shape; fans of Chewbacca will also appreciate this treat, featuring his iconic sash on top.

PizzeRizzo in Grand Avenue offers delicious pizza options and innovative snacks like the Hazelnut Crunch Cannoli, an Italian treat stuffed with an irresistibly sweet cheesecake hazelnut spread! A must-try for anyone who enjoys cannolis or chocolate!

Visitors new to Toy Story Land should stop by Woody’s Lunch Box to experience one of Woody’s Lunchbox tarts – grown-up versions of your childhood snacks featuring chocolate-hazelnut and maple fondant flavors! For the more daring among us, these can even come spiked with blue or green milk!

Dockside Diner at Echo Lake offers delicious seafood dishes to satisfy any seafood lover! Housed within an old steamer boat on Echo Lake, Dockside Diner serves a limited menu of delectable bites such as the Smoked Fish Dip – served with house-made chips, celery, carrots, jalapenos, and pickles as dippers! Perfect for sharing, this delectable snack will leave you hankering after an adventure on the bay!