Sports Card Stores Near Me in New York


Are You Searching for Sports Card Stores Near Me in New York? From Westchester to the Bronx, here are some top stores where you can buy or trade cards.

American Legends in Scarsdale offers an expansive selection of single and sealed wax. Additionally, they host nightly breaks.

American Legends

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This sports card store near me in New York is an ideal spot for finding new cards or trading or selling existing collections. Their amiable and knowledgeable staff will offer fair pricing while helping you select the perfect pieces to add to your collection. They even carry an impressive selection of autographed memorabilia!

Primetime Collect, a newer sports card shop in Westchester County, has already made waves within the hobby. Specializing in modern cards such as 2020 Panini Prizm Joe Burrow Rookie and 2021-21 Panini Donruss Optic LaMelo Ball Rated Rookie sets, as well as rare and high-end cards for collectors, Primetime Collect is making its mark.

Bleecker Trading is New York City’s most prominent sports card store, offering collectors an inviting space to socialize and trade cards. Their vast inventory includes modern and vintage cards and baseball and hockey memorabilia; their knowledgeable and friendly staff offers in-person trading nights twice monthly.

The Card Shop first gained popularity by conducting live online breaks. Since then, they’ve expanded into offering physical locations where customers can open packs from their favorite teams.

Primetime Collect

The Card Shop, established in 1992 and located on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale since then, has long been one of the premier sports card stores in Westchester County. Here, you’ll find rare cards such as 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner cards (recently sold for $6.6 Million!) or Kobe Bryant baseball cards – perfect for your baseball collection needs.

Primetime Collect is a relatively new card store that opened in late 2021 and quickly made an impressionful debut in its local card scene. Specializing in modern, rookie, and RC cards ranging from 2020 Panini Silver Prizm Joe Burrow Rookie Cards through 2021 Donruss Optic LaMelo Ball Rated Rookie cards, hosting in-person trading nights every other month as well as an impressive assortment of memorabilia, Primetime Collect has quickly made waves in this region since its debut!

The Card Shop

The Card Shop is an outstanding venue for purchasing and selling sports cards. Their store in Greenwich, New York, offers an assortment of baseball, basketball, and football memorabilia. Their staff are amiable and helpful and always greet customers with smiles; they are highly knowledgeable regarding all the sports cards they sell; they are always ready to assist their customers!

Donald Coolidge became immersed in sports cards during his childhood years. In 2020, he opened his first card shop in Plattsburgh, two years later, in Armonk. Once in Armonk, he realized many customers from Greenwich drove there for purchases; that’s what convinced him to open another location closer to Greenwich Avenue.

This card shop is an excellent spot to find rookie cards of your favorite player or rare collectibles. Their wide selection of sports cards, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, stickers, and Funko Pops make this store one of the best. Additionally, there is even an auction site!

This card store boasts more than just sports cards; they also carry a selection of memorabilia, such as autographed items. They stock many trading card brands for your needs – making them one-stop shops! In addition, The Card Shop hosts nightly card breaks on Facebook, which provide an ideal venue to meet fellow collectors and fans while at the same time enabling a sense of community within collectors and fans themselves. Open seven days a week!

Dave & Adam’s

Dave and Adam’s is the place for fans of the Buffalo Bills or the Sabres! With an extensive selection of trading cards, autographed memorabilia, team gear, and autograph events throughout the year – past appearances have included Jack Eichel, Darryl Strawberry, Kelvin Benjamin, and Wade Boggs! – Dave and Adam’s has something for every sports fan – be they Buffalo Bills fans or Sabres fans alike.

This card shop stands out from the pack: they host bi-monthly trade nights in person and are known for their fair pricing, providing families with unlimited arcade game tokens and hosting family-friendly activities on Fridays, such as scavenger hunts with balloon artists and magicians as guest stars!

This card store, situated at the heart of Bleecker Street, carries an outstanding selection of modern sports cards, memorabilia, Funko Pops, and sneakers from top brands. Their prices are highly affordable, while customer service is unmatched! Visit today to add some rare cards to your collection.